Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Write a description of the picture you see here and post it in the comments section. Don't forget to write your name and your course.
You can use these ADJECTIVES FOR DESCRIBING PLACES in the powerpoint presentation.
Due date: OCTOBER 18TH.


Marian Garcia 1st Batx. said...

The photo shows an Indian market with lots of types of food. There are many baskets with food like potatoes and bananas. On the left side you can see a women buying something and in the right you can see the seller. In the background there’s people buying food under a covered ceiling. The place is a bit crowed but not stressful. It’s a good place to try different types of food.
Marian Garcia

Daniel Torralba 1st Baxt. said...

The photo shows a street market typical of countries for example India o Vietnam.
The photo shows a women buying in a positions of sale products for the supply.
There market it doesn’t seem to be hygienic because, down on the photo, the bananas are in the floor, but the price of the products sure are very low.
In the backgroung there are people buying food under a covered ceiling.

Alex Izquierdo 1st Batx. said...

The photo shows a crowed Indian market with a lot of people buying and selling diverse types of food. There is a lady buying food and paying his purchase to the seller. On the right, you can see a lot of people in another shop buying others things. In the foregroud, I can see a lot of food on sale: for example, potatoes, bananas, lemon... This places is very crowed and I think this place is very poor, surely is a poor country. It's good place to trying food of a diferents cultures.

Gemma said...

This picture represents a market (in India) and there is a lady comparing different products, and another lady come. There is much variety of products on the market.
This photo shows me my poverty in this site.
this is my image description

bego said...

On the photo we can see a marke, maybe Indian.
The picture is really colorful because of the food and species them sold there, and it's crowded, we can see it on the background, back of the seller.
It seem a warm place, because the people is not wearing winter clothes.
There's a woman buying some food or whatever she wants.

Pura Ironia said...

Well, I think it's a market in an oriental country, maybe India.
As all the markets I can see thinks to sell, in this case, mostly fruits and vegetables.
On the foreground I can see a woman buying, she seems a country's inhabitant.
Backwards there's also a sun umbrella that highlights in the center of the photos.

Victor Ortiga
1st batxillerat scientific

melisa said...

Melisa Raush 1st Batx.

The picture shows an Indonesian women buying in a market.
In the front we can see the women and all of the diferent tipes of species and fruits. In the bacground we can see more people that are looking for something in the market.
The place is crowded and I think that it's really diferent that the markets here in Spain, there are a lots of colours and I think that it's a little bit pinturesque, like the market of a film.

Helena Cabeza said...

In this picture we can see a old woman from Asia in the foreground, (may be Indian),that is in a exotic and crowded place.
This place seems to be a market in which you can buy lots of vegtables and fruits,... and other types of food.
There are also loads of people buying in the foreground.
I think it would be very interesting to visit a place like this because it's very different of our markets/supermarkets.

Sara Compte 1BATX científic said...

The photo shows an indian market. You can see a lot of diferent tipes of food, bananas, potatoes.. and tipical food of there.
On the left there is a women buying something and in the right you can see the seller. At the background there is a lot of people also buying, is a bustle ambient because there is a lot of people buying at the same time, but it's an interesting market.

Cautar 1BATX científic said...

This photo shows an Indian market. We can see lots of food variety, especially a lot of vegetables and tipical food of this place. On the left there is a women buying, and in the right there is the seller, we can see that she is barefoot, and this is a senyal that this country is very pour.
The place is bustle, because many people are buying, and the ambient is warm.

Alvaro Jaime 1st Batx said...

The photo shows a market in a oriental country, like India or Indonesia.
There is a woman who sells typical foods and objects from there and another who buys somehting.
There are a lot of people walking around the market.,com said...

The picture is description of the market of a country of south Asia. The photo shows what the people are shopping fruits, vegetables and other things to eat. This place is crowded and noisy, It's a country very humid and wild. In the foreground have a lot of foods, like bananas, potatoes, peppers, and more foods. While in the background have a lot of people are shopping. On the left you can see a women does shopping, while on the right does returning the replacements. It's a good place for to traveling.
Yunqian Hu 1st Batx.

Natàlia Expósito Martínez 1st Batx Científic said...

The photo shows a market and people buying meal. In the foreground you can see a twoo womens, the girl on the right is a seller, and the girl stated in the left is a costumer. In the background you can see many people buying. I guess this picture take on India,for the type of place, for the type of place where a market and the place is very gross. Is not higienic for buying food.

Patricia Restoy 1rt Batx. said...

This photo shows a poor Indian market. This market is in a poor country and a little modern. A woman who is buying typical food and different food from Spain. As many people can deduce that a market is noisy and the picture is very colorful. I'd like to visit that country because it is very nice and I love to travel but I would like to live there because people are very poor and quality of life is minimal

Judith Garcia Carmona said...

In this photo we can see a market of bananas, potatoes and typical all kinds of food of the indies.
In the first plane, we can see a woman and the saleswoman. And to the bottom of the image we can see women buying under a roof. We can see that the market is not very hygienic, because the bananas are in the floor.
Judith Garcia Carmona
1st BAXT.