Friday, 26 February 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Read this composition, which contains one grammar or vocabulary error in each sentence. WHAT JOB DO YOU THINK YOU'D BE GOOD AT AND WHY? 1)I often thought about what kind of job I would like to do after I leave school. 2) In the past, I'm used to want to be a doctor like my mother. 3)When, after thinking about this more deeply, I changed my mind. 4) Now that I'm eighteen, I decided what I should do. 5) I want to be firefighter. 6) I think I'd be good in this job for many reasons. 7) Firstly, I like sports and physical education and I used to doing a lot of physical exercise every day. 8) I'm also quite sensitive in dangerous situations and my teachers say I'm a reliable person. 9) I've also decided that I don't want work indoors like my mother. 10) I would prefer to work outside because it's more interested. 11) I also don't mind if I don't win a lot of money, like a doctor does. 12) To sum up, I'm really looking forward to become a firefighter. 13) You need to be working-hard but I'm prepared for this. 14) Sometimes it will be a dangerous job, and I am ready for that challenge. 15) I know that the training is taking a long time but it will be worth it.