Monday, 4 November 2013


Ghosts, Halloween, mysterious places, haunted manors... Everyone loves a ghost story, and if the story is set in a creepy place of our neighbourghood it's even more scary. Why don't you narrate a ghost story taking place in your area? Use the website in order to create your story in four parts with four geotagged points in the story. Once you've written it, record the story for everyone to enjoy in a terrifying Halloween night. You'll need to take 4 pictures of the different settings, one for each step. STEP ONE: CHOOSE A CREEPY PLACE IN YOUR NEIGBOURHOOD AND WRITE AN INTRODUCTION TO YOUR STORY. Who are the protagonists? Why is the place relevant to the story? STEP TWO: CONTINUE YOUR STORY WITH AN IMPORTANT DANGEROUS EVENT, someone's death? a murder? strange sightings? STEP THREE: IN THIS PART YOU SHOULD REACH THE THRILLING PEAK OF THE EVENTS - how does the story evolve? more bloody details? more horror? STEP FOUR: WRITE THE INTRIGUING ENDING TO YOUR STORY. Where do we have the protagonists now? Are they in this world of in the underworld? What happens to the place? And what about the neighbours? Will the protagonists rest in peace...? If you want, learn more details of the format of this story listening to this example: THE TRAGIC STORY OF MASIA FREIXA.


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