Wednesday, 13 October 2010


What a nice hug! I think everyone will always remember this heroic tale. Read and watch the coverage of this happy piece of news at
What do you think about this hard experience?


Pura Ironia said...

Heroic tale? The miners argued about who will be the last miner to go out the mine because that miner will be the person that most survived in a mine.
The president get a lot of publicity thanks at that accident, but he requested if the rescue could be delayed because he's got a travel.
The miners now are rich or, if they aren't, they'll be soon.

Victor Ortiga
1st batxillerat scientific

melisa said...

The Chile miners has been rescued after more tan two month trapped underground.
During the travel to the surface by the Phoenix capsule, the miners wore an special harness that controls their heart rate, breathing, temperature…
The rescued miners has been taken to the hospital by helicopter. All of they have eye problems after stay undergraund and dental infections but not serious, all of the miners are better than expected.
When the miners come up to the surface were recibed by his families and the President who said to the BBC the country isn’t going to be the same after this, said that the miners were inspiration and that Chileans people never forget this day.

Helena cabeza said...

During more than 60 days Chile miners were trapped deep underground.
For the first 17 days, nobody thought taht they were alive, but then the rescue teames made contact.
Since that day, a technical expert, and others were working in a machine that could made the miners retourn to the surface, the Phoenix capsule.
The miners decided who were going to be the lasts ones to retourn,...
Finally the 33 Chile miners were rescued perfectly, and after, they were transported to a hospital, because some of them had problems,...
Like one of the Chile miners wife said: "they're the luckiest unluckys mens on Earth"

Sandra Solvas said...

For more than two months, 33 Chilean miners have been trapped underground when a rockfall caused a tunnel to collapse in a mine, in northern of Chile.

Phoenix capsule, was tasked to return to the 33 miners to the surface. The miners were welcomed by Chilean President, his family and thousands of journalists.
One of the miners said: "We had strength, we had spirit, we wanted to fight, we wanted to fight for our families, and that was the greatest thing”

The rescued miners were taken to hospital. All have severe dental infections, and some have eye problems.

Alex Izquierdo 1st Batx. said...

After two months underground, the last of the 33 miners could go out and return to see his family. The last miner what went out was recibed for the Chilean president and his family, he been in the mine since 5th August. Some of the Chilean miners have healthy problems, for example pneumonia, eye's problems and dental infections.They gone directly to the hospital to be treated. The mission of rescue ended 14th October, and the miners have to up 624m in a capsule of 1m of diameter. Thankfully, every went well.

Alex Izquierdo 1st Batxillerat

Carlos Ramírez said...

Amazing news. A group of 33 chilean miners have survived traped deep underground during more than two months.
An astonishing and expensive work have been made for save them but it worth because they can save all the people without any problem, except the long time that they have taken.
They have achieved mantaining sanity during a lot of time without watch them familys and do a normal live.
The miners and their familys are obviously happy that all have finished well.

ivan smirnov said...

The best news of this month! The 33 miners that were trapped in a mine, have been rescued succefully. They were trapped more than 2 months. But now, with the new technologies, they have been rescued. They've been rescued with the new pheonix capsule. The capsule is 53 centimeters wite and 4 meters high. The capsule takes 10 minutes to descend the 622 meters. First has descended a expert life guard. Then have descended two doctors and another life guard. Then for every miner the rescue lasted 33 minutes. When the miners left, they were recived by families, friends, periodists and the president. This day won't be forget.

Cautar 1BATX científic said...

After so much time trapped underground (more Than 60 days), the Chilean miners, have finally been rescued by special equipment at the mine in San Jose (Chile).
The rescue lasted a long time, and it has been possible for the excellent work of the experts, and other professional.
Once rescued, the miners have been transported to the hospital and each is resuming their daily lives and their different paths.

esteban casaleiro 1r cientific-tecnologic said...

Chile miners were rescued after over two months, trapped underground, down a tube supplies.
Finally able to build the capsule Phoenix. During the voyage of the miners in the capsule, wearing a harness, which controls heart rate, heart rate, temperature, etc.
When the miners came to the surface, they were greeted by their families. All had problems with vision and teeth, but nothing serious.
The president told the BBC that the country would not be the same after that.,com said...

After 70 days underground, the Chilean miners came to life. The day of accident is August 5, when a landslide closed the road tunnel. To get it out have used more than 2 months, but have finally managed to get out. Leaving in the waiting area and their families, and also the president of Chile. When they left, quickly led them to hospital, that so long underground, have brought many physical problems.
Yunqian Hu 1st Baxt

Anonymous said...

This is great information!!!
The last 5 of August, 33 miners are trapped deep underground in northern Chile.
One day they are working and unforeseen the mine are pull down.
They survived at this caving and 17 days later find them.
During 69 days, one person invented a capsule for save the miners.
When the miners were at the surface they were see the family and take at the hospital.

Sílvia Monroig
1st batxillerat cientific.

Natàlia Expósito Martínez 1st Batx Científic said...

I heard this news in summer, is a catastrophic accident. Well this news are very good. The 33 trapped deep underground in northern Chile have been rescued. Have some wounds, but this health is better than thought. They have trapped 70 days in this mine, thanks to science, they built a ''Phoenix'' capsule, he allow transport the miners since undergound since outdoor. In this moment the miners has been with families and recovered her health.
I hope this accident didn't happen again, but is a miracle the miners have survived.

Anna del Pino said...

On August 5, 2010, there was an accident in northern of Chile (Atacama) where 33 miners were trapped in the mine "Sant José" to over 700 meters deep for 68 days. Men of different professions and ages between 19 and 63 years fought difficulties fighting underground. The rescue was on October 12, the protagonists of the rescue were Schramm T-130, a drill that it could reach the miners, and capsules Fenix which moved up the miners to the surface. The miners were taken to hospital although they were in good condition, only they had problems in the teeth.

Patricia Restoy 1rt Batx. said...

It is the catastrophic history of Chilean miners an August 5 trapped in a mine. It looks like a movie story but it is real. They lived for 70 days in a mine to be rescued. The miners are not sick only one who has pneumony but not serious. This experience is terrifying. This experience is very hard not only to miners but also for the family that suffers. I don't know if I could survive under these circumstances. Being trapped for 70 days is a situation of importance and incredible mental capacity. I admire the miners and rescuers course risking their lives for them. I'm very happy because the rescue and all are alive.

Judith Gracia Carmona said...

During more of two months, the miners of Chile were caught underground.
To top, the whole world thought they were dead, but the rescue teams they managed to contact them.
From this day, the technical personnel were working to obtain a so called machine " The Capsule Phoenix " with that they could rescue the miners.
Finally, thanks to this machine, all the miners were rescued and once free they met his relatives, but the majoria diseases.
I think the miners were very brave.
Judith Garcia Carmona
1st BATX.