Friday, 1 October 2010


Write a text of 50 words minimum describing an embarrassing situation. It can be real or invented. Remember to use the PAST SIMPLE AND THE PAST CONTINUOUS tenses.


Anonymous said...

I was in a coffe in england when i sow a famous english tv periodist and i start to tolk to him but her she answer very bad, she sais: Adrià do you not see me and i said "no" and she said I'm your group leader!!!! and i felt very bad because she startto laught me and she answer me:
-can i tell this to the rest at the group?
and i said:
-off course no...

Anonymous said...

More or less approximately three weeks ago, I went with my father, my aunt, and my uncle to Perpignan, to happening the weekend.''Llebámos'' the bicycles, a very curious thing happened to us, ''ibamos'' walking along a park with the bicycles, when the wheel pricked itself.We were looking for workshops macánicos for recouple the wheel. Since we do not find any, tubimos that 5 km go covering up to managing Decathlon to look even for a new wheel!!

Anonymous said...


One day I had an exam. I arrived late, I was to nervious, and when I was at the school I "darse cuenta" I forgot the bag. All the homeworks were in and I had to give an important essay for English. I ran to the class but the exam was ended and I gut a o.

Anonymous said...

Aproximately one year ago, I when with my friends sergi go to the park and play football. We were talking when I saw a famous player football(Xavi Hernandez, F.C.Barcelona),We go to greet and ask a autograph.
When i arrived to my home,I teach the autograph to my parents.
I'm a very happy because i have a autograph of a football player.

Anonymous said...


Last Monday, in the class of History and Geography, I was very boring and tired, because the night of Sunday I didn’t sleep, because I was studding English all night. Then, I was exhausted, and I slept in the class. One hour after, the bell rang, and I woke up. I went to the next class, and all the people around me laugh. I was worried. What happened? When I arrived at the class. The teacher stared me, and said: “Tony, what had you in the face?”. I saw me in the mirror. I had the face painted! My friend painted my face with pens!

Anonymous said...


I was in Jerte's river in Plasencia, when I saw a snake in the river.
I started to scream, ¡It's a snake!.
Everybody, looked me and I was told I was a crazy, because in the river, it there not snake.
My parents came running and my brother were swimming.
Finally the snake was swimming and I got into the river.

Anonymous said...


I was in a plane. The flight attendant are serving the coffes and unexpectedly started move the plane
and she threw the glass of coffe over me, all the people that where in the plane laughed atme.

Anonymous said...

Diego Carrasco Fernández 3rd A

I stayed with a friend and when he was going to my house I found him, and he asked me to where was I going and I answered him I was going to go shopping with my mother and then we couldn't stay during all the day I was so embarassed and I apologized to him.

Anonymous said...

Aymar Pinto 3rB

Hi Abel, I Was walking down Barcelona Had a lot of garbage on the floor Then accidentally stepped on a paper could not take it off! So I had to remove it by hand! It was disgusting and embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Sara Miró 3rdA
A normal day any other, I was bored as I lie on the couch and I was Thinking I could do to avoid boredom. A while later my father came and told me if I would like to sing a song and while I recorded it. At first I hesitated, but then I convinced my dad. I started singing and recording my father very cheerfully. When we finished recording and singing made her promise to my father who did not teach anyone the recording, which would be between us. A few days later when the whole family to celebrate my birthday, so we were having very well, until my father taught recording. I was dying of shame, and not knowing what to do, I ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I hear lots of laughter coming from the dining room, where all but I enjoyed the recording, I was ashamed and upset at a time. When finished recording directed me to my father, and my face told him it would never do such a thing with him. My father said that as an excuse not had remembered the promise, but I knew that was not true.

Anonymous said...

when my pregnancy was going to a day when diving, and I put the clothes in reverse, it was fun.
And then when a guy told me that wearing clothes backwards, nay laughter made me more that day we had a very good.

Anonymous said...

My name's Arnau Martínez 3 eso A

The above comments are my

when my pregnancy was going to a day when diving, and I put the clothes in reverse, it was fun.
And then when a guy told me that wearing clothes backwards, nay laughter made me more that day we had a very good.

Anonymous said...

Marc Martinez Ceijas 3th A

When i was little .Have three years my cousin paint the wall of my house the color blue. My mother was very ugry and broke his arm. Her mother was broke my hand and i very surprised that this situation.

My mother and my father was in a situation enbaracous.ñ

I love this moment.

Thanks, Abels

Anonymous said...


A day I was staying in the school when my friends were bring a ball. We begin a playing with the ball. In one moment the ball went far, I went a search the ball. When I was back with the ball, I pass the ball to my friends, but when I was back running I fall and I laughing but I pass a very embarrassing moment.

Anonymous said...

Arnau Ruiz 3erB

one day when i fas 6 years old I was bery happi becouse the school end, when I go out I saw my mother with others mothers, igo to she, and I question, ¿ho is the baby than she had on her hands? when I Look at she, I was bery embarassed, she isn't my mum, I saw at my true mother in the end of the street, I go with she, and explayn what happened, she laughed.

Anonymous said...

One day I was swimming and I was seeing a friend.I went to greet her and was not she was a grandmother.That day was the worst because it was a very embarrassing moment. And if everybody just laughed.

Anonymous said...

Oriol Reina Caballero 3nd A

My moment of shame was when he went down the street i was all full of water, step on me i fell in the puddle that was on the ground, I have not been so embarrassed in my life at that time.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Moya 3rd A
Hi, Abel
This is my embarrasing moment.
About a month ago, my friends and I, we went at the party, because it was my birthday.
When we arrive at the bus stop, my friend Elena, did not have enough money to take the bus.
The bus driver, would not change the ten euros had, and finally I had to leave money to my friend Elena.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Tamayo Martinez 3r A

My embarrassing moment was when at a primary school,we went to the zoo. Then the teacher along with the guide has to go to feed animals. I was placed to feed a kangaroo. When entering feed with my friends, there came a kangaroo to me directly. Then the kangaroo jumped i fell to the ground, i my friends laughed at me. I spent a lot of embarrassment in front of my friends.

Anonymous said...


Three years ago, I and my friend go of Mallorca (with our parents), an apartament. Beside there was a hotel, and my friend and I got into in the hotel. Inside was a “jacuzzi”, a “baño turco”, a “sauna”and a gym! We were always to jacuzzi! A day, a hotel manager, asked that we showing the bracelets (they give a bracelet all the clients) and we saying that we are friend a client. He don’t believing. The hotel manager cast us.

Paula Ortega :) said...


A day of summer, my best friend and I was skaiting with lineskates. We was going between to the road, in the bike lane when we arrives to la rambla. It was more time what I don't take my linestakes and I fell in la rambla. Everyone looked at me. My best friend and I was laughing. I got up and kept skating for la rambla. It was a funny and embarassing moment.

Jordi Orihuela said...

Jordi Orihuela, 3r B

I was going to the English School, International House, with car.
When I was in front of the School I tried to go out the car, but my leg got trapped on the seat belt, and I fell down.
All of the people where were walking for the street, saw me and started to laugh.
I tried to release but I couldn't.

Two minutes later, I could and I went to English.

Martí Soler, 3ESO B said...

Last weekend I was skateboarding on the street. I did a lot of tricks, and I was skating so fast. In one moment, I had to jump a little border to up the sidewalk. I had bad luck and I can't up it. When I was standing up, I had the feeling thath every body in the street was looking to me.

victorlg said...

Between a class and it was not mine.

Judit said...

Judit Duarte 3A 2012

When I was 10 years old I went a supermarquet with my mum and I went a pasadise of ice cream and I confused my mum with a othe person!!

English portfolio said...

Gemma Puig 3rA

I was walking down the street and fell in a puddle of water.

Anonymous said...

Alba Cuadrado 3A
I was walking down the street when at the time spent a boy beatiful, and I saw the boy and I when feel down. Luckily hardly anyone looked at me!

Pol Galea said...
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Pol Galea said...

Galea Franco, Pol.
3r B

I was at a family reunion when my uncle made ​​a funny comment, everybody laughed at your comment. Then my aunt made ​​a comment, but no one laughed. Instead I if I laughed, and everyone looked at me with a look of astonishment. I was nervous, and was an embarrassing moment.

TONIKI said...

When I was a kid, I went into a watch shop with my parents, and then, accidentally, I threw a wall clock. We had to get out 'cause everyone looked me, and I felt a lot of shame.
It was an embarassing moment.

Anonymous said...

Queralt Sala

When I was student's primary, two days before to Carnaval in the primary school, the students should be dressed with our pajama, because in Lanaspa the days before Carnaval are diferents. I remember that there day I meet with my friends and we walked to street and the people saw we. For me there moment was an embarassing moment.

Josep-Pepe said...

I had an exam the next day, the day before I fell asleep and I do not remember anything about the exam. Did everything possible and went back to study to pass that exam.

Anonymous said...

Jordi Busquets 3r A

When I was a kid every weekends i went to a parc for play to football with my father, and one day of those a bird was shit in my t-shirt this moment was very embarassing.

bernat martinez said...

Bernat MArtínez 3rB

I was talking with my girlfriend on the street and she had to leave home. She and I loved her very much and wanted to give us a kiss,and I spent emmarrassing because i don't sap give him the kiss. It was a very embarrassing moment.

Sara T. Angulo said...

Sara Angulo 3A

When I was little I was at home watching TV and saw it was late for school. I left home almost running, to get to class, I realized that I had put the slippers, the whole class started laughing at me, I included.

Òscar Montes said...

One day, in the high school, I wore new trousers, and I sat down in a chair, when I stood up, I listened a noise, I looked down, and I saw my new trousers broken, and I had to go all the rest of the day taking the big broken piece.
This was a really embarassing moment

miKki'Ss said...
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Miquel Parra Ramos said...

Miquel Parra Ramos 3rB

In the summer, I was walking in the street, and I was very happy. And the people, when I went, laughing my. Because, before my sister hook a paper, in this say (in catalan): Plis, hit, is stupid. When I was arriving to my house, i was talking with my sister, and we agree that she would do the same thing other day.

Anonymous said...

Last year, my family and I we walked down a street of Andorra. There were a lot of people in the street. It was raining and in a moment I slipped and I fell to the ground. The people who was passing by my side laughed. I felt bad and it hurts so much.
Alexandra Ragalie 3A

Paula Fernandez said...

Paula Fernández 3rA (invented)
Today, I just remembered that when I was 6, I got a chicken. After a few days, my father stepped on it and broke it, and went for another to keep me from noticing. As in the store had not brought a squirrel. She told me my chicken had evolved.

# nnujiii! said...
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# nnujiii! said...

One of my embarrassing moments was at a football match. I came a ball and kicking the air and for that mistake we almost score a goal. That long


Anonymous said...

Laura Dominguez Gomez 3 A

One day at primary school, my mother came to look as usual. When I left, she was talking to her friends and I started playing. My mother called me to come home but I keep playing with my friends and I go and I realized I took the hand to another woman who was there there, the woman looked at me with a strange face ... I spend a lot of embarrassment.

marina said...

Approximately five years ago, when I had nine, I got up at eight o'clock a school day. I slept, and when I was got up was later and I dressed very fast. Then I hit the street to go to school walking. People always look at me and I didn't understand why, but I didn't give importance. The road lasted twenty minutes.
When I arrived, a friend told me that I waering the T-shirt inside out and in this moment I was ashamed for the cluelessness.
From this day I always check what I wear.

Anonymous said...

One embarrassing moment I had in my life was a normal day I was walking on the way to school. That day was to expose a social work had prepared two weeks earlier, had stumbled upon the open bag and I'll shut azera all work in a puddle. When I had to explain I did not know what to say and I had the pathetic.

Miguel Castro

Alex Parra Castiñeiras said...

Alejandro Parra 3eso A

When I was 10 years, one day training waterpolo in the swimmingpool, I was sitting in a little ladder of the swimmingpool. When I decided to leave the water, my swimsuit was broken.

Xavi said...


When I was little I went to a toy store and is the re inadvertently dropped a toy in his pocket, then the alarm rang out, and Totomi looked at me, I spend a lot of shame

Anonymous said...

3ER A.

Anonymous said...

It was the day my Cusin comply years, we were shouting and screaming in a park and a man was in a valgus asomar of some of the houses that avien together and we threw an egg at the end, I have stayed with pluralism broken egg head, I spent a lot of embarrassment.Ignacio Ortega