Monday, 18 October 2010


Halloween is round the corner and it's also in our English lessons. In this video you can get instructions to survive a zombie attack.You can find an interesting listening activity following this link at
Enjoy the video and after you've watched it answer the following question in the comments section: what's the most terryfing experienced you've had?
Have a hellish Halloween!

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Judith Garcia Carmona said...

Hallowen is an English tradition, and because of it here in Spain there are no many people who celebrates it.
In Spain there is celebrated " The Castañada ".
Nonetheless, in the day of hallowen, there are put terrific decorations in the houses and the classes of the college.
Normally, the people disguise herself with disfrazes as fear.
In general, they go out for dinner and after they eat what is known as the castanyas, the panayets, the moniatos.....
Finally, in the night the whole world goes out for the celle to amuse itself.
On this day also he becomes an special in the park of attractions of Tarragona, PortAventura. There are many families that go to lead the day of Hallowen there, because this one very well prepared and though you scare very much, you spend it to yourself very well and it is a way to go the day with the family.
Judith Garcia Carmona
1st BATX.