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After seeing the fim INVICTUS my 1BAT students wrote some questions to ask Chester Williams, a member of the SPRINGBOKS TEAM that won the Rugby World Cup in 1995.
Mr. Williams has answered every single question. These are the questions and the answers.You can read Chester Williams' replies in BOLD. Thanks to all the people who have taken part in this wonderful experience.

Dear Mr. Williams, I got my students write you some questions about you and about your performance in the 1995 final. I hope you can answer some of their questions, as they are really excited about it and it has been a very motivating moment in our English class.
Thanks a lot for your interest.
Abel Gálvez
English teacher.

These are their letters:
Dear Mr. Williams

Hi, first I want to introduce my self, I'm Carlos Ramírez, a student of IES Torre del palau, a school of Spain, Catalunya.

I write this letter for you because I want to ask you a few things, and of course because it's a really good oportunity to talk with a hero like you.
I think that what you and you team mates did was really amazing. Where did you take the trust, the courage and the motivation for do this incredible act?

I'm a football player, I play in a really good team, but we don't have motivation because this year is our first year like “juveniles” and it means that we have to play with people one or two years older and no one trusts that we can be the best team of our league, but I know it's possible.

Can you give me any advice to motivate my team, please?, I don't know what to do.

PD: Thank you for spend a bit of your time.
Carlos Ramírez Carmona


When I got selected t represent my country in the RWC 95 I new I was there to represent my black people and nothing was going to stop me from making them proud. I also believed that I was the best in my position and trained very hard to remain the best.
2. I was always told that I was to small or to slow or could not tackle well and I worked harder and harder. 80% is psychological & 20% is talent and no one can take it away from you accept yourself that's how I got to where I am now.

3. Its important to believe in yourself as individual and work together as a team like we in 1995 and Spain football team in 2010.

Dear Mr. Williams,

Let me introduce myself. I am Marian, a student from Barcelona. I am studding post-obligatory education.
Few days ago I saw the film Invictus and it really liked me.
I have a few questions for you, if you could answer me. You were the only black men in the Springboks team when there was apartheid. Was it difficult to you to get into the team and feel like one? And what did you feel when you won the World cup of rugby?

I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.
Yours faithfully,
Marian García

1. It was always difficult for a black person to get in the Springier team. I always hard to work 2 times harder then the other players to remain in the team. Luckily for me I scored almost every game if not scoring I was making and defending well so it was very difficult for them to leave me out of the team.

2. I was very proud to be part of a Springier team that help united the team with Nelson Madela.

My name's Helen and I love sports. My favorite sport is ski! I practice ski since I was 6 years old.
I liked a lot the film, and I found interesting that you where the only black player of Rugby, when the apartheid was in the power.
Did that point afect you in the way you played?
You have met Mandela, haven’t you? so, did you thought it was impossible to be real, that the apartheid was almost in the end, and a very good time was coming?
The first time you talked to Mandela, what where the impressions that you had? What was it like?
I supose you admire him, like most of the world, but did you agree with the first actions that he did? Or did you think that it would be impossible to change the opinion of the whites and the fanatics of the blacks?
I even don't know how old you were when all that things happened, but I guess you were young, so, was it difficult to understand it all?
Thanks a lot for your time!
Helena Cabeza

1. Nothing effect me with my performance the harder they made it for me the more inspired I became.

2. I have met Mandela 5 times having lunch and dinners with him alone 3 times and 2 times with the family.

3. No I knew they had to release Mandela to give every one a right full chance. Most South Africans did not know what's going to happen after Mandela was release since the whites thought he was going to abandoned them and blacks was just hoping for freedom of speech and choice.

4. He was human, most forgiving person who set our country free. Down to earth. I always wanted to met some one more important than my father and manage to meet with Mandela.

5. He surprised the whites because while he was in jail he studied the culture of the whites and treated them with the same respect as how he wanted to be respected that change the mind set of all in South Africa.

6. When you grow up as a child with it and you accept it as a child but as you become a teenager/adult you start to question. It was a difficult time to see signs of only whites for train carriages or toilets. I'm glad it is all in the past

Dear Mr. Williams:
I am a student of a secondary school of the IES Torre del Palau in Terrassa.
I have some questions for you:
How did you live the Apartheid?
What did you think when you won the rugby World cup?
Thanks for your time, goodbye.

Luis Anibal Sánchez


1. We had to live as blacks together and the whites will live together. We were also not allowed to attend white schools at the time.

2. I was very honored to be part of the Springbok team that won the RWC 95.

Mr. Williams
I am a high school student Torre del Palau, in Spain. On October 29 we went to see the movie invictus and I would like to ask:
Were you reflected in the role of the actor?
How did it feel being the only black person in those moments?
What is your opinion about Mandela?
Thank you for your attention.
Noelia Lopez

1. I wish I could play the role myself but I must say that the person who played my role did ok.

2. It was always a challenge to stay in the team. I had some very good white friends in the team and could always rely on them for support.

3. He is honorable, dignity, passion and truthfull to his own word. Through his forgiveness he has changed our country.

Dear Mr Williams

When did you start playing rugby?
Nowadays are you playing rugby?
How did you feel the last day of the league?
Silvia Monroig

1. I started playing rugby at the age of 8 and stop at 10years because of circumstances. Started playing at 17 years again.

2. I am a business man working with petroleum. I also consult with rugby teams so if you know if the Spain team need some help I will come around and assist.

3. If I understand you right my last game I played was emotional but a big relief since I achieved everything through rugby and had challenge a new venture in life. I am a very positive person and do believe I will be extremely successful as I am now and be better.

Dear Mr Williams
My name is Gemma Cardona. I write this letter to tell you that I saw your movie and has been an honor to know a bit about. I think that being the only black person in the team had to be unique and very good.
Well, If I received an answer that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Gemma Cardona Sotelo

1. It was very cool and unique but I carried a huge responsibility on my shoulders representing the black people in a Springier team assisting the team to united the country through sport.


1. I enjoyed my time braking the boundaries between white and black. I made the most amazing friend through rugby across the world. I even met more friends in Spain now

Dear Mr.Williams
Since I saw the film, I'm very interested in your person, because you were the only black person in the Springbok team. Why were you the only black in the team? Why during the Apartheid were you accepted in the team?

Thank you.
Sandra Solvas

1. I believe that I was selected in the team because I was the best player in my position as did proof it.

2. There will be people that like you and some don't I was very lucky that my team mates accept me because I was in the team on merit and they supported me 100%.

Dear Mr. Williams.

My name's Alvaro and I'm 16 years. I'm a English student and last week we saw the film Invictus. The film it's very emotional and I think that you and yours team partners were very important to your country. I'd like to make you some questions:

How did you live the apartheid?
You were the symbol of black people in SouthAfrica before the World Cup, were you proud with this?
You met Mandela, how did you feel when you talked with him?

I wait for your reply.
Write you soon.

Alvaro Jaime.

1. As a child I always did what my parents expected from me as a child and as a grew up I question and had to make choices. I choose to fight apartheid through sport and luckily for me I got it right.

2. It was a great responsibility and honour to represent my people in the RWC in 1995. I am very pleased that I could open doors for my fellow black south africans young and old.

3. I felt so small yet so honored. He made me feel very good about myself since he came down to my level. We spoke about politics, sport, and everything about life how his time was in jail.

Dear Mr. Williams
I saw the film INVICTUS with my school.
How did you feel in the Springboks team in the 1995 final?
Jordi Muñoz

1. I was very excited to play in the final since I new that not only were we well prepared for the game but Nelson Mandela and the rest of the country and more were supporting us. When you on the field you are in control, coaches and manager can only hope the players do it that's what was so nice about the final we were in control of our county's destiny.

Dear Mr Williams,

My name is Ivan. I'm a basketball player, but I really like rugby.
Last week I saw invictus, and I'd like to ask you something.
When you were playing, were you nervous?
And when you saw that all the team was with white people, what did you think??
Well, I wish you luck.
Thank's a lot! +
Write soon.
Ivan Smirnov


1. No I was not since I believed that I trained hard enough to be where I was. All I had to do is what was expected from me in my position anything extra made me special luckily for me I brought something special to the team.

Dear Mr.Williams,

I'm pretty glad of have found the real you, and for the post you left on my facebook's wall!

I saw 'you' on the film Invictus when it was released and last weekend with school, I think you are a great man, and that South Africa should be super proud of people as you, Madiba and Pienaar. I really admire you all.

I have no question for you, I just wanted to congratulate you for being as brave for entering in a team of 'white people' sport in apartheid years, an example to follow.

Greetings for you and your family! :)
Bego Río


Thank you so much for your support I trust that you are doing well. Good luck with all your future ventures.

Where ever I go people always asked me about Mandela. I would like to end off to say that : To the world he is Nelson Mandela to me he is the WORLD.

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