Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Which character in INVICTUS do you prefer? Give reasons for your answer!
What do you think about the women in INVICTUS? How are they important in the story?
Nelson Mandela, Francois Pienaar, Chester Williams and the rest of characters are REAL people that made a real dream come true. What lessons have you learnt from these people?


Coral Santacruz said...

My favorite character in this films is Nelson Mandela because I think that is te most good person of the film.
The women of this film aren't important because don't have any important rule.
I learn that is good to forgive people and I don't have to be spiteful because only leads problems.

Cautar Amsih said...

About Invictus, i thing many thingh.
My favourite character is Nelson Mandela, because is the first one on this film, is a very good person, and he like all people.
The womens in this film don't have any role, because in those years the women aren't important, sepecially in the politic ambit.
When I seen INVICTUS, I learning a lot of good actitudes, and to forgive the people.

Anna del Pino said...

I agree with Coral and Cautar, my favourite character is Nelson Mandela too, because is a good man who wants reconcile the population, beating clashes. I like Mandela because he strives fulfill his ideas, and this is positive.

melisa said...

My favorite character of the film Invictus is Nelson Mandela because I think that it's amazing that a person who has spend 27 years in prison could live a live without rancor, more peaceful I really think that it's extraordinary.
I think that the women caracter it's normal, there isn't represented, it's not an important aspect in the context.
I think Invictus it's a really moving film because you think about Mandela's life and you ask why in the world ther's lots of people and just a very little part of humanity really take care about life and people of over the world. I think that's it's the most important lesson that I learnt.

Helena Cabeza said...

The character I've liked the most is Nelson Mandela.
He is an absolutely good person with all the people, and he just wants the peace in his country and the reconciliation.

In the film the womens aren't as important as the mans, but I think they're important in a different way, 'cos, for example, Mandela's secretary isn't very signicative in the film, but she did lots of things, and in my opinion she helps Mandela to get what they wanted: The South Afrika reconciliation.

Daniel Torralba 1st Baxt. said...

My favourite character of the film is Mandela, because I believe that is the character the transmitting more to the viewers and I like a lot of the interpretation of Morgan Freeman.
The woman hasn’t an important paper in the film and the women characters are limited to serving Mandela.
François Piennar has given me a good example of leadership and motivation, and Chester Williams to overcome because during Apartheid he was alone.

Patricia Restoy said...

My favourite character in this film is Nelson Mandela.
He is deserves our admiration because he try to join the black people with the white people.
The womens in the film isn't any important.
This film has taught me a better person.

Judith Garcia Carmona said...

My favorite character in this film is Nelson Mandela, because it demonstrates that it is very brave for several things:
Send her it wants to manage to resolve the racist problems that exist in his city by means of the rugby. In spite of the whole people who says to him that it should not do it because it it does not go to get and bearing in mind that to past many years in the jail, he follows forward with his intention and finally it obtains it.
Send her in this film it makes know that the problems have to be resolved, and that everything what you propose yourself can obtain costs what costs.
Judith Garcia Carmona
1st BATX.

Anonymous said...

my favorite character in the film is Nelson Mandela, because he inspire me to be the master of my faith, the captain of my soul said Madiba. Great leadership he did uniting black and white minorities back together and apartheid crumbled. Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika.