Wednesday, 10 November 2010


After you've seen INVICTUS, it's time you participate in a FORUM. Read the questions and write your OWN PERSONAL ANSWERS. Feel free to express your own opinions honestly and agree or disagree with previous comments. COPYING FROM A PREVIOS POST WILL BE PENALISED!
THE TOPICS OF INVICTUS: Pick one or two topics and discuss about them.



cautar 1BATCH científic said...

I propose to discuss racism!
Who is coming?
First I start by saying that racism is one of the things that stands out in this film because is one of the reasons why Nelson Mandela wasn't could president, because he was black, and many people didn't like this, and why? because they are racist.

Anna del Pino said...

I agree with Cautar, the racism is an interesting topic to talk.
I think that the racism is a form of discrimination very stupid because it makes no sense, all people are equal although the skin color was different. All people can be president, like if they have black skin or white skin.

cautar 1BATCH científic said...

That's true! Anna very well, you're absolutely right... especially when you say as it is a very stupid thought.

abg3 said...

Wow, I love this discussion! Caoutar, you weren't born in Spain. Have you ever felt discriminated in our city or our school?

melisa said...

Cautar, Anna I'm agree with both of you. Racism it's a really stupid thing, because anything can't make someone better than another, it's ridiculous, but unfortunatly our society can't understand this.

I would like to discuss forgiveness and reconciliation. I think that forgivness it's an essencial thing in life because anyone is perfect and it's impossible don't have any problem with someone important for you, but it's here when you have to learn to say sorry and forgive. Are you agree?

Helena Cabeza said...

As Cautar, Anna,... I think Racism is a good topic to discuss.
In my opinion, racism is one of the worst things that exhists in the world, I don't really understand why people treat in a very bad way the others just for beeing from another country, or having a different color of the skin... well, I hope, maybe one day people from all over the world would be friendly and kind to all the people, without any sign of racism.

I would also like to discuss Mandela's life.
I think Mansela's life has been a really amazing life! I can imagine all that he has done and its... fantastic! he did lots of good actions for all the people, white, balck,... without thinking about what the Afrikan whites did to him.
I admire people who still wants to change the world, and I think he is one of a few.

Marian Garcia said...

I’m agree with Melisa. You can’t live with somebody perfect because there’s nobody like that. All people make mistakes, bigger or smaller, but people need to learn how to forgive. That’s a world with lots of injustices and if we don’t forgive many of them we won’t live and we won’t believe in anybody.

1st Batx.

Daniel Torralba 1st Baxt. said...

I agree with you, racism is one of the most interesting and despicable topics in the world and which shouldn’t exist for the some persons beginning to take a principles of respect for the people.
I believe that to eliminate the racism the first thing to do is forgive and forget all of the past, because it only creates more hate between races.
Other objectives to do is learnt to the news generations that the differences physicals and ideologies shouldn’t distinguish or away to the other persons, but should learning new knowledge and open to the world of culture.
I think this would make our world better and more sensible.

cautar 1BATCH said...

Abel, never nobody has discriminated me for not being born here... But this is because I've lived all my life in Spain, then there is no reason for anyone to discriminate me.
And if some day someone tells me something I already know what to say to defend myself.

Sandra Solvas said...

I'm very impressed with the life of Nelson Mandela. He has dedicated his life and his attempt to improve their country, South Africa. For me Nelson Mandela is one of the most important people in the world, has make the world better with their peaceful struggle. Who do you think about Nelson Mandela?

David 1Batch cientific said...

I'm agree with Sandra, the film Invictus reflected all the history of Mandela and his war for the peace of his country. He want The black and white's person weren't separately. He is a person that he fought for his dream and do the best that he can do.

Sergi Montes 1 batc Cientific said...

I'm agree with Sandra and David, because Invictus is a film that reflects what life is like Mandela, i felt like i lived whites and blacks. Especially the way they had to behave whites with blacks, telling them to discriminate for example, that Mandela would do it wrong. And I think the movie can learn that we can live with any kind of person is the color it is.

Natàlia. Expósito. Martínez 1st Batx Científic said...

I'm very impact about the ideas of nelson mandela. Some people did must work to hard to make your dream a real thing. I think... the political they would have learning about this thing. And about discussion by Cautar, the racism is a big problem, and some people is hate only about color skin: black vs white. That's necessary this combat? I don't belive it.

Carlos Ramírez said...

An other thing related with racism and that appears in the film is apartheid.

I think it's what we have to took about.
What I can't understand is how a person can change his way of thing and a cause of this discriminate other people and how can think that this people by the fact of has the color of them skin dark we can treat them like an inferior race.
The didn't have conscience or simply a rational thought.

All the people in the world should have the same rights and the same opportunities.

Black people showed us that conflicts can be solved in peaceful way. And that they were cleverer than the other people, they faced to them problem in the proper way.


I agree with the discussion of racism, the racism has always been in the world, but I hate it because all the people are persons, but are very racist persons that hate the people because was born in another continent; but also I agree with Sandra Solvas, the live of Nelson Mandela is very interesting!!


Sandra Solvas said...

In the movie teaches us a good example of partnership. A team that hadn't won anything got to win the Rugby World Cup. And another more recent example is the Spanish soccer team, they won the World Cup this summer. These examples suggest that with effort and believe in your team all you can get.

Anonymous said...

In this one film that I dress two topics very importantly. First,THE RACISM the. In the film demonstrate clearly, still that they have different colors, but share the same passion i life, which is sports or others things. The second topic that I have fixed is A LEADERSHIP FOR EXAMPLE. One plays the sport in equipment, but always one is to give the first step and to guide to others. We must follow to them well examples, and to give it step with desire and valor.
Yunqian Hu