Thursday, 6 October 2011



abg3 said...

If you could think differently... what would you think of?
In what ways has Steve Jobbs been an innovator and leader?
What do you think of excellence?

Gemma said...

if I had a mind like Steve would create new technologies to improve our living conditions, and therefore were not polluting either. For example I invented myself a car that had not used the oil to make it work. Always think about the good of the people.
For me, this man was a great innovator of technology and very useful, and thanks to him we have a communication easier and more comfortable. Where it is increasingly essential for humanity.
And finally, for me, excellence is the invention of new technologies that are created from your idea and thought.

Mònicamartos said...

If I could think differently would be a woman smarter than Steve Jobs because women are smarter than men.
As for what to innovate seems that Steve Jobs was a great leader in technology for creating elegance in computers and other devices.
To end the excellence of this man is not accessible to everyone, because I have not seen a MAC pink, pink is chic ... and I think, how can it be that there is a pink MAC how nice it is that color? Luckily I am coloring this wonderful world of pink.

SaraCompte said...

If I could think differently, I would think one way to create a cure for a serious illness, that would help many people and our lives could be better.
Steve Jobbs has reached where he came through great effort. He was able to see more away for the things and innovated and created one new technology that has modificated our style to live.
For achive think differently, you need work excellent in everything of you do.
In this way, we can change the world too, beacuse it can be better.

Dr. Ortiga said...

Well, I think that I shouldn't think differently, because I already do it, and I don't really know very well, who Steve Jobbs was nor what he did, so...
Well, I'm going to talk about excellence...
Nowadays, excellence is something people don't try to achieve. I think that most of the people in the world, and especially students, should try to give their best to make a better future; but, instead of that, their objective is to pass the exams and the courses.
In my opinion, most of the people in the class is able to do it much better. But that doesn't include students only, there are teacher, for example, that look quite bored about teaching (or maybe they are just boring); I think that if a teacher sees there are students sleeping in his/her class, he or she should try to create new and original ways to keep the atention of the class; probably if they just make the class more interactive with students, student's atention would improve.

Anonymous said...

If I could think differently, I think to create a better world or even a time machine. The problem is, how do-it? Only Steve could do with his inventions, he changed the tech world until his death.
Thanks to his inventions, Steve has been a leader for many people, he achieved what many thought impossible.
Finally, exellence is very important for the future and new generations.

Noelia Lopez said...

If I could think differently, I will think a way to share the world equally, so that some are not so rich and some so poor to achieve a world better with equalities.
Personally think that Steve Jobbs was a men very important to all the world beacuse he taught us to look at life from another point of view with tecnologies, and all that did was overcome,an example of a person to follow.

Noelia Lopez.

2BATX scientific said...

Steve Jobs, isn't here... but, through of all these years of hard work, has succeeded to remain in the memory of all, forever.
The truth is that the death of Steve Jobs, has inspired me to think differently, to think that I can be much more than I imagine, and think to be something in life, is very important.

Everyone wants to be excellent in the life, but nobody does anything to be... So, the typical "I want to be ...." have to become "I'll be ...".
I hope that one day, I'm become someone important, and put my grain of sand to change a little the world.
And I also want this for all of you.

Cautar Amsih

Eric Roig said...

I think steven Jobbs a rich person is a dead. He has no importance in my day to day.
I don't think it is something important. my windows computer is very bad, I think it made appel better computers that windows. I don't be as Steve Jobs has been an innovator, I don't see the differente between ipad, iphone or computer appel. I think is all very similar. I do think of excellence is very good if you have it.

LidiaFernandez said...

Steve Jobs was a great innovator. I think that without him the world wouldn't has this high level of tecnology. He was an important person for our evolution.

Steve Jobs been an innovator and leader because he invented unimaginable things and directed one of the most importants company of tecnology of the world.

Sum up, the excellence is a virtue that few people possess and help them for create great things.

Ivan Smirnov said...

Was Steve Jobs a big thinker? Yes! He was a very big thinker and a very big genius. He was very intelligent. And he changed the world. He could to create an unimaginable and impossible computers. We use his invents every day and we've never thought about it. And he can to be our inspirator to think different. But only a few people can think different and to be a genius. So if every person thinks different, the world will have big changes and innovations.
I can't say that I'm thinking different, and I don't care it. But I can say my opinion. And my opinion is that Steve's death is a big irony of the XXI century. Because we have a lot of technologies, a lot of computers and we can talking with robots. But if you have an illness any of that technologies can help you.
In conclusion, the people who'll invent the cure for a whichever illness will be the biggest thinker in the human history.

Ivan Smirnov
Batx Cientific

weiye said...

If I could think differently, probably I would do anything for eradicate the hunger at Africa and collaborated with amoung of ONG for help the needed people.

He was an innovator and leader because he thinks differently from the others, he always searches for the best.

I think excellence is the way to be a better person.

LorenaMartil said...

If I could think differently, probably would think more about others than me.
Steve Jobs has been a great innovator and a leader in technology. Thanks to him, we can communicate in a better way to others and from different places of the Earth.
Excellence it's what got Steve Jobs with everything he did for and to us.

Maika Maillo said...

Steve jobs was a innovator on his work, he knew take the moment and invert in a thing who no ones thing on this. He creates a new type of company that he sold pcs with a software. He invented the mouse and the graphical interface, for this reason we can write on this blog today. A new frontier has been opened by the new mobile technologies, and this is thanks for Steve Jobs.

Marian Garcia said...

I’m not as creative as Steve Jobs was but if I had to think differently I will think with something related to the music. I think it’s a good way of expressing yourself because you feel identify with it so you could feel better when you listen at it. So, I would improve the world of music that makes us feel special.
Excellence is a great word that defines someone who wants to create the best of all. He wanted to a great innovator, not a follower of it. That’s what makes he difference between a good thing and the best thing. Creating the best thing is the excellence.
Steve Jobs was an innovator in the way of bringing us the world to our hands, making it easier and better.
2n BATX Científic

Sergi Montes said...

If I had a mind so perfect and amazing as Steve Jobbs, think and do what he has done the same, helping people with their technology in order to make many people happy. I would basically for the elderly as they have some difficulty understanding these projects.
Steve Jobbs for me has been, is and will be the largest technology, his inventions have impressed us a lot and always we will consider, thanks Steve, rest in peace.

Bet Cegri Griona said...
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Bet Cegri Griona said...

If I could do something different, I would design a favour chain because then, everybody would be helped by somebody.
Talking now about Stive Jobs, I think that his creations have changed the world, since all the technology would not be as modern as it is nowadays if he hadn't had such good imagination.
In my opinion his enterprise will be famous for a long time because everybody expect a lot from is brand. Apple has changed the world, people's paint of view and the most important think, they way people work.

Júlia Garcia said...

If I could think differently I would like to imagine a world with no countries and with no flags, because this nationality issue has only created trouble. This is really complicated but I hope that it will be possible in a future.
Steve Jobbs was an innovator because he challenged and created a new world, "Apple", even If he knew that Microsoft was the most powerful one. He tried to do something better and he succeed, and for a person, that's the best you can do in your life: to challenge yourself and succeed. And that may be inspiriting for a lot of people.
Apple is a company that has started recently but it will be leading the communication world and the technologic world for a very long time from now. And that's how it has to be.

Patricia Restoy said...

If I could think different I would create a perfect world where with my technologies I would help the needy people and I would do a better life.

In my opinion Steves Jobs was a genious. He has been able to change our lifestyle in a few years and he has do a better world.

I think that the excellence don't exist because all things can be improved.

Judith Garcia Carmona said...

If I could think different I would do things to try to improve the world. Today, I would get new projects for peace and equality, or consider new cures for disease, use of new energy for reducing pollution, ...

In contrast, Steve Jobs invented, improved and worked in the field of technology. Got an improvement of communication and a great evolution of technological equipment of today, which is also very important.

For this reason, Steve Jobs is a very important person, and now after his death is an example.

To think differently, achieve excellence and become like Steve Jobs, you have to do everything perfectly and do things just for them.

Judith Garcia Carmona

Anna del Pino said...

Steve Jobbs was son to an unwed mother who gave him up for adoption when Steve was a child. She wanted to her future family was rich, so that in future Steve could go to the university.
Finally, Steve went to it, but soon he left to go, he didn't enjoy the lessons. However, he attended voluntarily to other lessons which he liked. These classes were about the typology.

Some time later, he founded Apple (a multinational company) along with a friend. His friend fired him of Apple.
For a time, Steve didn't know what to do. After a few months, he founded Pixar and Next, two well-known companies, and met his wife.
Thanks to the great success of their companies, Steve was admitted again at Apple.

According to him, everything happens for a reason, so he justified that because Apple missed him, he met his wife and also founded two companies, which nowadays have much success.

I think all the bad Steve looked him some good. Also thanks to him we can enjoy a unique and highly advanced technology.
I would like to have the strenght that he had.

Paula Rodríguez said...

Actually, I have a different mind, we all got a different mind, but there`s people like Steve Jobbs who has a brilliant ideas. I would like to change a lot of thinks in the world, I would eliminate social differences and I would give education for everybody. As a new thing, I would create an infinite energy source, free and clean.

Steve Jobbs was an innovator because he proposed a new thinking, creating things not just for money, but also for progess and people.

In my opinion, excellence is an objective we are always following and we won't never get until we think in other people and not just in ourselves.

2n Batx. Escènic