Monday, 3 October 2011


Class debate
We all know that exercising twice a week is a healthy habit. However, there are many different ways to exercise. Some people, like Suzanne, like going to the gym. Others, like Matthew, prefer team sports such as basketball or football. Where do you stand? Do you like going to the gym and exercising by yourself, or do you prefer playing team sports? Use the vocabulary and the sentences below to discuss this topic in class.

Mosts gyms are open all day. This makes it easier to adapt exercise to your schedule

Going to the gym is boring. On the other hand, playing team sports is competitive and fun.

boring fun competitive schedule


Anonymous said...

Miquel Parra 3B:

I prefer team sports, because you can play with your colleages. Gym for my is very boring because you practice the sport alone. I like football, because you play with colleagues.

Martí Soler, 3ESO-B said...

I prefer team sports because the gym is a little boring and in the team sports you have a lot of fun and you have to think in a strategy and then perform it. But really, that I prefer and I love are xtreme sports, like skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.

sergi soriano said...

i prefer sports team because is very funand play with your friends. i don't prefer gim because is boring, and do not do it with friends. i like sports in especially football, basquetball and others.
sergi soriano

Anonymous said...


I prefer going to the gym,so I can do exercices when I want.I think I'm not well in team sports, and I supose that going to the gym I can do exercices adapted to my skills.

Jordi Orihuela said...

I prefer team sports, because you have more fun playing with the friends and other people, also they are competitive and I really like the competitive.
I find gym boring, because you have to do exercise alone and this is so boring.
Apart of the team sports I really like xtreme sports like skateboarding.
My favourite sports are skateboarding and basketball.

Òscar Montes said...

Òscar Montes Recasens 3 ESO B

I prefer doing team sports, because is more interesting and more funny. If you go to the gym you are alone, but if you play team sports you are with other people and you can enjoy more.

paulaa;!♥ said...

Paula Ortega Romero 3B
I prefer team sports because is more funny, gym is bored and always do the same. but in the gym you can make friends too. But I prefer the sports with tennis, aerobic, etc.

Josep-Pepe said...

Josep López Hernández 3rB
I prefer team sports, because I play with many sports, and I like team sports. I can playing with the friends and is competitive. The gym is boring.

Queralt Sala 3r ESO B said...

I prefer the gym for practise sport, becouse in a room you lock diferents machines and opcions with do sport.
But I think that the team sport is more funny because you can play with your friends.

marina said...

I prefer team sports, but I don't mind go to the gym some time with a friend. I think that team sports are the best because they are more funny and there are diferents types of sports, in the gym, you can only do sports with machines. I prefer sports team because is a collective activitie and when I'am alone it's more boring.
I love swimming, athletic and tennis, but the only sport that I do is to swim.

marina puerta 3er B

Monica Caballero Sanchez! said...

Mónica Caballero 3A

My prefer sports team because is very fun, because play with my friends.

Go to the gym is very boring, is full of machines.

Polosio said...
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Polosio said...

Galea Franco, Pol
3rd B

I prefer team sports, and you think of the comrades.
There are also very competitive and you have a good play, enjoy.
However, in the gym, go alone and do only, certain activities and exercises are not comparable to a sport.
I have to think about a strategy and I have a great time with my friends.

Julieta Mendizábal said...
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Julieta Mendizábal said...

Julieta Mendizábal 3ESO B:

I prefer team sports, beacuse is very fun and you can play it with friends. But i like go to the gym too, because in one only room you can do diferent exercices. But i think team sports are excellent, i like play hockey, play basketball, and play more sports with my friends.

Anonymous said...

Antoni Párraga 3ª:

I prefer team sports, because you can make more friends than in a gym.
For me, gym isn't boring, but I don't like practice exercise alone.

Anonymous said...

Alejandro Parra 3eso A

I prefer team sports, because I think the team sports are very funnier than make exercise in the gym. The gym is very boring because you can't be competitive and meet with your friends to past a great time. The team sports are important to meet some people, learn to respect your trainer and your teammates, and if you have a problem the others teammates can help you. The team sports are genial.

Anonymous said...

Pol Miranda 3B:

I prefer team sports because you play with your friends and meet more friens. The gym you can only run and lift weight. I like basketball is a sport very competitive.

Anonymous said...

Alba Cuadrado 3A
I prefer team sports because I play fun and isn't boring. The gym is more boring, and the hours pass very slowly.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the gym, because I like it more if it is to exercise and to be in good physical condition, is best done alone, these concentrations.

Marc Cano, 3ESO-B said...

Marc Cano 3r B:

I prefer team sports, is more funny, and competitive. But the gym is very boring because do exercice alone, I don't like it. And I love, football, is my pasion.

Anonymous said...


I prefer team sports, because you can do it with your friends and it's more funny than the gym. In the gym you have to do it alone so it's very boring.

EvoletVs.death said...
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EvoletVs.death said...

Mar Saladrigues López 3th B
I prefer gym, becaus there I can say when I need to stop, or when i can do more. And I prefer listening to my mp3 player until i'm doing the activities,but if I do team sports with my friends friends I can't do this. I like specially do gymnastic sports, aerobic o something like this. I like team sports too, but that's my preference.

Andrea said...

Andrea Sánchez 3B:
I prefer team sports because is funny. People when stay with friends they have more fun.
The gym it's boring because you stay alone. I like team sports too because you can meet new people and do friends.
I love collective sports as basketball, competitive sports as swim and I love dance.

Laura Guillén Alcaraz 3rB said...

Laura Guillén Alcaraz 3rB

I prefer the team sports, because sport is more funny and entertaining in a group of people.

Noelia6 said...

I prefer team sports because it's more fun than going to the gym. I play football because I love and I so much fun with my friends. But also I like go out running.

Noelia6 said...
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Anonymous said...

Carlos Nuñez 3ºA

I prefer team sports, because I practice one. It is football. You can do more things together than by yourself.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Molina Sánchez 3 A
I prefer playing team sports because is very fun and to make friend. I thinks the gym is boring because I'm not with my friends. I like swim because is very fun.