Thursday, 9 September 2010


Dear 3ESO students,
I'm really happy to be back at school and have you as my pupils. I hope we have a great year together and your English improves as a result. Little by little you're going to get used to our English class routines, so don't worry and ask me if you need help.
I'm an active and happy person who enjoys cinema, cooking and celtic music. I'll show you some of my hobbies in our future lessons.
Last August I spent a few days in Asturias with my family. We love Asturias! It's a wonderful place, with wonderful landscapes and really friendly people. Oviedo, its capital, is an awesome and exciting city. You must visit it.
Something funny that happened to me in Oviedo was this: I was doing some shopping with my family when I saw a famous actor from a Spanish TV series. I was surprised, but I didn't talk to him, as he was busy, shopping with his girlfriend. It was a funny experience.
Well, that's all for now.
Tell me a bit about yourselves, so that I can get to know you! Write your post below, and remember to write your name and course.
See you!


Anonymous said...

Arnau Ruiz 3rd ESO B

Hello Abel how are you?

This summer I went to a cottage colony a week, the house has got swimming pool and was beautiful on the inside, the food was good and the beds very comfortable.
I had a great time doing activities with my brother and other people, I recommend it to people.

Anonymous said...

Monica Lopez Gris -- 3B
Hi, i am a happy person, i like sports and the animals, i love siverian huskyes but my dog is a Yorkshire Terrier, i hate artichokes and a boring people.
My brother's name is Ruben and he is my nightmare! But he help my when i need it.

abg3 said...

Hi, Monica and Arnau!
Thanks for your comments. I'm surprised you have replied so quickly!

ecnopol said...
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ecnopol said...

pol ampurdanès 3rd eso B

This summer I have not done much, I went one week to salamanca to see a friend of my mother, I've also gone to the pool and the beach, even a few days stay with my friends to go training or to pass the time.

Anonymous said...

Sergi Polo 3rd Eso B

Hello Abel.

This summer I went to Salou with my mother and my father to Cadiz. It was the first setmana Salou August. I was in a hotel that was across from the Port Aventura and 30 minutes from the beach there I take many friends who lived in Sabadell. The hotel had game rooms, computer rooms, interactive games, consoles, etc ... I pasandomelo 10 days very well.
In Cadiz I was home from the girlfriend of my father 13 days in a town called Chiclana de la Frontera, where we sat in his mother's house. We were 15 minutes from the beach by car and 25 foot. I made friends with the nephew of the bride of my father and we went every night at a club called The Mosquito where iabamos to play paddle with a few older people. What I liked was on the beach because the water is clean and very large waves ahay.

Anonymous said...

Ignasi Boada Farias 3rd ESO B

Hello Abel, how are you?
I hope that you are very nice.

The football is my great passion, and as good Argentinian to very early age I initiated when a ball shot, until my father said to me of Natació Terrassa signing in the section of football of the Club.
I initiated very animatedly, since for me it was something new, and I remember that in the first one I train I put 3 goals.
But soon, I felt that it was not for what I was waiting and sometimes crying to the training, until my father gave to me two options:
To leave the football forever, or the tears to dry off and to continue.
As strong person that always I have been, I continued with the football, and this decision is the one that has done that nowadays this one playing in the best second soccer team of Catalonia: CF Damm, in which I go 4 years playing in the maxims categories.

My draft concludes here, a greeting to all those who write a draft and a great greeting for our english teacher Abel.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Daniel Borrego Luque i am going to talk about what I like. In the morning I enjoy getting up late. The sport that I practice is the basketball, once in the Swimming entrenava but now I'm going to point to the institute. Another sport that I love is also the Korbal, I'll spend a lot at parties, just started.

Jose Martinez 3erB said...

Hello Abel!
This summer I went to Andalucia. I've had very good but I'm tired a lot of walking.
I've been to the beaches of Andalucia and I love them.
I have seen: Jaen, Cordoba, Malaga, Cadiz, Seville, Granada, Almeria and Huelva. I especially liked is Sevilla.
I hope your summer was good.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Fátima Urpi Sánchez Carretero:

I like music preferibly the piano, and violin.

My favourite sport is volleybol I play it at the secundary school.

I have two brother, Arturo is the oldest and Anibal is the medium.

Anonymous said...

Helena Oma Giralt 3B

hello abel!
My name is helen and i have 13 years old.
I am a very happy person always smiling,I consider myself a very sociable person.
I play basketball in a team from Terrassa,i am also a trainer at the Jet.
My favorite hobbys are: play basketball,sing , watching TV and listening to music.
This summer has been very important to,because me realized a lot of things.

abg3 said...

Hello students!
I'm surprised to be reading so many replies to my letter!
This is great. Thanks a lot.
We'll discuss some of them in class, ok?
Just a question to some of you...
have you used google translator to write it?

Anonymous said...

Aymar Pinto 3B

Hello, I like go out with my friends after class. I like to eat pasta and sweets. I like playing computer games i can be hours, but no is healthy for my eyes. I have a dog emm..White land Terrier is cute and nice!

Anonymous said...

Hello Abel!

I'm Marc - 3th A

This summer i'm went to Almeria. Almeria (Cabo de Gata). It's a beautifull site to state on hollidays,I state and my parents eight or nine days, and I very great.

My favorites sports are football and basketball, and my favorite color is blue.

THAT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Abel,
My name is Laura Lopez Vilchez and my class is 3ºB.
I am a calm person. I don't like englis but I do an effort. I like write and read. My favourite activiti is play voleibol with my brither Santi.
The name of my brothers is Santi and Adan. Three brothers are very different.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Abel!

I'm Toni Lòpez, of 3rd A.
The summer was happy and fun, but realy short. I went to Calella, and I stay in six days. This city are big, and the beach is beautiful. The hotel I went was good, and every night did a spectacle.

My hobbies are the computer and the dance. I dance break dance, and I am learning popping and jerk. I learn it in the institute and in Youtube.

I will pass and I try very hard.

Well, this are all. I hope the course are good. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Hello Abel!

I'm Sara Miró, of 3rdA.
This summer I like so much even though it was short. I've been in Calafell and Soria. Those days were great fun, in Calafell showering, and Soria with my cousins.

I like to watch TV and read, but mostly out witch my friends.
I volleyball with my friends at school and I have a great time.



Anonymous said...

I am Cristian González of 3rd A

Hello Abel?
This summer and gone to many other sites. Me and had a great winds and and enjoyed with my family. We have gone on a trip to Caceres, where I went to see my uncle.
But I also went to Portaventura and Aquopolis. I had a great time and was a great experience.
Right now I start to play basketball. And this year playing in this institute.
Abel hope you liked my work and I hope that the institute is going well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abel this is my summer.
This summer I have done many things and bros I will do a brief one resum.He state in beach of hoop with my prime grandfathers parents family and tiets.Amb the same old gang we have passed it us super well me gone to the beach of stores ¡a lot more. Every August we have been in the town of my called grandmother Letur. Alla we were to some small houses, where there was pool, later I did some friends that called lit up and Debora. When they were the festivals we went to see the bulls and the spectacle the airplanes and the traditional valleys. That to it been my summer I expect that you to have liked Abel.
I throw for Diana Cirera Herrera3B

Anonymous said...

Arnau Martínez 3r eso A
Hello Abel!
My name's Arnau and I'm 14 years.
I'm study in ies torre del palau for my is a good school.
My favourites job is the basketball and swim , I'm play basketball in school.
My sister name's Laura. Laura have 18 years.
This summer Iwent to Roses , I'm swimming in the beach.
I hope you continue to learn more English

Anonymous said...

Adrià León Gallart 3r A

Hi Abel y hope that's a great course!!

my fabourite sport are hockey and y like too lisen to music, this summer i been in England and i travel with my parents and my brother in a autocaravan and i been in France, Italy, Swiss and Spain. I like english and i thing that course that be great!!!,

Anonymous said...

Johanna Martinez 3rd ESO B

Hello Abel how are you?
I'm very happy but this sumer Im shopping a dog. Your name is Coco
race is bichon maltes, is a beautiful dog.
This is my comment and this page is fine.