Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Wow,mates, we're getting old!!!
Do you remember, 20 years ago, when we started following the adventures of a yellow American family? It stole our hearts away, because they weren't perfect, they were a bit silly, and they had a naughty boy, just as any normal family has. The Simpsons reminded us of someone we already knew in our neighbourhoods or our families, didn't they?

Well, 20 years have passed and they're still running! Follow this link to enjoy some info from the official website, and this link if you want to try a funny activity to do in class.
And why don't you have your face "simpsonized"? This is a great website to have Simpsons images of yourself or your families!!!
Enjoy your Simpsons life, and keep laughing with the yellow family.

1 comment:

Anabel said...

I've tried to simpsonize me, but it's not working properly due to the popularity of the site :(
We all want to be a Simpson!!