Thursday, 3 December 2009


Wasn't it funny?
Now write a short account of the couple's romantic date. Include information to answer the following questions: How would you describe the setting? What was the man up to? What were the woman's feelings? What objects appeared in the ad? What happened to the woman in the end of the ad? What were the man's words?
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Write a funny account of the ad... and enjoy winter fun!


Rita Bacardit said...

One boy and one girl are in the romantic place, and the boy bought a lot of beer.
The girl are very happy.
The two persons are on a bobsled and the boy gives her a candle ignited to the girl.
The boy stoop, and the horse throws a fart to the face of the girl, and with the fart of the animal and the fire of the candle, the girl burns the whole hair.
Then when the boy gets up looks the girl and sees her quite burnt.

laura garcia said...

The man to take the drink and before that of looking the girl of horse a fart throws itself in the face of the woman doing that burns whit the candle that was taking hold whit his hands, later the man gets up and he sees her very deshevelled.

Carles Arnau said...

I found the winter ad very interesting and funny. I really enjoyed in the part of the farting horse. I can't imagine their faces with the horse farting.
The setting is tipical christmas, and winter, the ad past in the forest.
The man wanted surprise his girlfriend with a romantic evening in the carriage.
The woman feeling emotion in front of surprise.
In the ad appears a carriage, a forest, a beer, a horse and a candel.
The horse throws a fart in her face. The man says: oh!!

Rubén B. said...

Well,in this advertisment we can see a couple in a romantic date in a bobsled in the middle of the wood. All are soo romantic (MUCH ROMANTIC for me U_U) and when the girl says that the situation it's soo romantic(she's happy and excited), the boy says that the situation can be more romantic and takes a candel and put the candel in the woman's hand. Then the boy to stoops to take a beer and the horse fat into the face of the woman and a chemistry reaction appears!( The fat of the horse + Candel = Hair of the woman burned). And then when the men gets up says that it smells like a barbecue and then he sees the hair of his girfriend!!. In this moment another couple see the bobsled and the other couple.

Jenni Sànchez said...

The scene of the ad is a snow forest. In a sleigh, a boy wants to have happy his girlfriend. He give to the girl a candlelight and she felts very exciting. While he was taking a beers, the horse has thrown a fart to the girl's face. When It happens, the boy says that it smells bad and when he sees the girl he scares. Then an other couple see the scene and they laught. The last words of the boy are: oh oh!

samuel jaenada said...

The setting in the commercial is a snow-covered forest with a horse sleigh. In the comercial appears a boy an girl. The boy want to impress the girl. He offers a light beer and are small and smart candle to the girl. The girl is very funny and exciting for the situation. At the end of the ad the horse farts on the face's girl , and the girl burned with the fire of the candle. The man when saw the girl , he said: “It smells to barbecue “

Kevin Pérez said...

The man and woman that they are in a forest of Christmas are in a romantic place. The man says to the woman who should bear a candle where as it, the man takes the beers, then the horse throws a fart to it self and throws the whole fire to her to the face

The man says to the woman if barbecue had done, who prepares a typical dinner of Christmas, and the woman is very happy. The last words of the man are: Ohh!

Christian Espinosa said...

Yes, it's very funny for me.
It's treate itself of a couple. They are in a wood covered with snow, in a bobsled. The man has prepared a romantic scene, he wants be whit she. The girl thinks that all is very romantic, and he say can be more. He extratcs a candle.
In the end of the ad, the girl, has all hair burned, an the boy say smells barbecue.

david escanes said...

A romantic couple appear in the setting. They are in a horse sleigh, in the middle of the forest. The boy gives a candle to his girlfriend. This situation is very romantic. But, when the boy crouches for gives it a beer Bud Light, the horse throws a fart and it put off the candle in the face of the girl.

cristina seaone said...

This ad is very romantic, because appeared the couple in the wood. they stayed in the bobsled and he gives a candel light. In this moment girl is very fanny and say is very romantic. then the boy takes a beer when the horse farted in her face. When he gives the beer he smell a barbecue and he sees her face and he's surprise, because his face faired. And finally, appeared the other cople and they say it's cool.

Esther Checa said...

The man to take out one candle. The woman to hold the candle when the horse a fart throws itself, and the woman face to smell barbecue.In the setting appears one sleigh with two persons inside. One white horse takes the sleigh. Also appears a candle and a beer.The intention the man is be with your girlfriend at the forest.The couple are in a forest, the forest covered with snow. It is in the night.

Susana Garcia said...

Is regular partner are in the forest, rise in a sleigh. It is in the night.
The man is romantic because to love be with girlfriend.
The objects that appear in the setting are a horse bring the sleigh. The sleigh to take two person. The woman have one candle and the man have a beer.

albadiez said...

In this comercial what happenes is that one couple is in the horse sledge. The boy gave a candle to the girl and the girl is delighted with the moment. When the boy bends to take one beer the horse raises the tail and throws a fart and produces a reaction with the flame of the candle And it burns her the girl's face. It was then that the boy asked "Do you smells to barbecue?" When stand up see the girl with the face burn. Somebody that walker they looking.

alba díez

laura almirall ribas said...

The scene is in the forest, there are trees and one couple with horse bring the sleight. The girl is very happy.

Anonymous said...

the girl think that the date is very romantic.
the intencion of the boy go to bed with the girl. at the end of the spot the girl is very surprise. oriol patao

gerardo said...

the comercial, it is realized on a bobsled. The man gives a candle to the woman and the horse throws a fart to itself and the woman burns

Anonymous said...

This ad started very romantic because there was a men and a woman in the middle of forest. They were in a bobsled and the ground was snow-capped. The girl was very happy and excited. The objective of the men is go to bed with the women. At the end the women was feeling surprised and angered.

Cristina Duarte

Anonymous said...

This ad started in the middle of the forest, it was at night and had cold. They were in a bobsled, and the ground was snow. It was a romantic situation.
The man want has in a relationship with she, and the feeling woman were excited, and very happy.
Kevin Espinosa Piedra

Jordi Costa Arenas said...

A boy with his girlfriend appear in the setting. They are in the forest in a horse-sleigh. Everything is very romantic, they have a candle and beer Bud Light. In this moment the girl is very happy and cheerful, but later the horse throws a fart and put out the candle in her face. The boy says that it smell to barbacue. And a girl an a boy are surprised with the horse-sleigh.

Kilian González said...

The setting is a snow-covered forest with a horse sleigh. It appears a boy and girl. The boy want to surprise a your girlfriend. He offers a little candle and he offers a beer. The accepts and she takes the little candle. She is a very happy and very excited. But, when the boy takes the beer the horse fart on the face's girl. And she is burned with the fart and the candle's fire. When the man sees the girl he says: “ It smells to barbecue”

Anonymous said...

The setting is amusing, the boy tries to be romantic but his date is turned into a disaster.
In the beginning the women's feeling very in love with her boyfriend, the boy, and he also.
he gives to the girl a little candlelight like a present.
A horse and a sleigh appears in the advertisement. The stupid horse kick a fart and throws everything off to the girl in her face.
Finally the man's asks does not smell like barbecue.

Anonymous said...

The scena happen in a forest snowcapped,solitary without nobody around.
The boy wanted to surprised his girlfriend,with a present that is a candle, la girl was suprise a lot.
judith lizana

Ariadna Ortega said...

The scene of the video is in the forest snow, two people, a boy and a girl are in the sleigh, the escene is very romantic. The man wants to surpries to his girlfriend with a candle. The women feeling very happy, exiciting, in the wonderland. In the ad appeared a sleigh, a candle, a tin of beer. THe women in the end the horse throw a fart an the women her face is burned.

Anonymous said...

One boy and one girl go in a horse sleigh in a snow-covered forest. He gives a candles to the girl and offers beer. That is so romantic. He girl thinks that he is so romantic. Appear a little candle, a horse sleigh and beer. In the end, the horse farts, and little candles to be hot the girl. The man says “ it smells to barbacue”

Ángel Muñoz

Pau Almirall said...

In the advertisement, the scene is in the forest. The horse is being the sleight. In a sleight there are the boy and girlfriend. The man is a romantic because go out her girl. He gives to the girlfriend candlelight and she felts very exciting and happing.

The boy gave candlelight to the girlfriend. At the moment, the boy is taking the beer. The girl with candlelight in the hands, suddenly the horse throws a fart and the candlelight does burn the girl face. The boy says that it smell to barbecue. He looks the face girl.

Laura Almirall Ribas said...

The scene is in the forest, there are trees and one couple with horse bring the sleight. The girl is very happy. The boy gives the girlfirend a candlelight and she is very exciting. The boy was taking the beers, the horse has throws a fart to the face of the girl. It's very funny!!
The boy says that it smells barbacoa and when to the face of the girl, he afraid(OH!OH!!)