Monday, 30 January 2017

THE MARTIAN interactive activities

If you like science fiction movies and space movies you must watch THE MARTIAN. This action-packed adventure film talks about the adventures of botanist Mark Watney when he is stranded on Mars. Watch the film and then use these interactive activities to learn grammar, vocabulary and practice your reading comprehension. To infinity and beyond!

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Unknown said...

Watch The Martian online free on losmovies very good. I was somewhat disappointed by 'The Martian', maybe because I had such high expectations of it. In my opinion the movie failed to really immerse you into the action or make you feel the danger of space, the way that for example 'Gravity' did.

Also, it came across as feel-good NASA propaganda. Maybe that one is on me for being so cynical, I am not sure. The attempts at humor never made me laugh and sometimes made me feel embarrassed. I am not saying that it is a bad movie. I liked its realistic and scientific approach. There should be more sci-fi movies done in such an earnest way. However, in my experience 'The Martian' does not succeed in truly captivating or intriguing you. See more: watch Avengers Infinity War online