Saturday, 10 January 2015


What's your opinion of teen courts? Do you think they would work in our Catalan/Spanish context? Would you like to be a part of a teen jury? Write your opinion in 60-80 words.


Joe Calvete said...

I think it could works, I don't know. All of us have our ideals, our thoughts and our points of view. In spact of the fact that many people think that all of this stuff are the reason which young people can't judge I think that they are the reason which we can. Whether old people hears, even if it were just one time of the many one, young people; they would learn a lot.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe that teen courts can work very well with young people who have committed any crime. The young criminal sees that people of their age disapprove of what he has done, that they don't praise him and congratulated for doing something wrong, they make him see that he should not feel proud of it. I also think they are a good idea because the teen courts usually put harsher punishments and there is evidence that many young people are judged by teen courts are less likely to commit crimes in the future.

Laura Casado

Anonymous said...

I think that it depends of how it is done. If the teenagers who are going to participate in this project take it seriously and not just a "way of waste time" or " to make money" it could work. They have to vow that they really want to do it by their free will and that they'll do it the best they can.
A very important matter will be the training of those teens. It has to be fitting, and well-thought and given by professionals.
But if everything works well, it could really improve justice in Spain. It will solve a lot of problems with young people, who doesn't get the most suitable judgement for their crimes. And maybe the crimes committed by young people will decrease if their punishment is decided by people of same age as they, since they may feel embarrassed and not very proud of themselves.

Alba M. Cañas

Anonymous said...

In my opinion teen courts are not a good idea. It's true that are many teenagers that can do this work very well, but it's not the majority of us. I think that be part of a court is a very big responsibility and in my opinion we are not prepared for that. Personally, I can't judge if a person is guilty or not and apply a punishment, it makes me feel worry because the future of a person that I don't know is in my hands and this is too much important.
Marta Muñoz

Anonymous said...

I think that teen courts are a good way to solve the behaviour of someone. A lot of times, if the criminal is judged by a teenager, and they have the same age, and all they people around they disapproves her attitude, he feels sad and he promises that he will not do it again in the future. However, always there are people who don't care about the opinion of the people of her age, and they continue doing crimes.

But not all the people can be a member of a teen court, because her feelings can change the final veredict. I think that all the people who have values, not like spanish politicians who steal money and they don't have a culpability feeling, can form part of a teen court.

Miquel Parra

Pol Galea said...
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Pol Galea said...

In my opinion the teen courts are a good idea. It's a way for teen that caused shoplifting or some misdeeds, without much importance, can be judged by someone of the same condition, someone their own age. They will understand them and can understand because they have done this evil. So not will have to face a higher jury, which might not understood. In addition, the teen jury sure they are prepared for this type of trial, which are people chosen for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think teen courts have lots of advantages if they are carried out by responsible teenagers. But, who is responsible and who is not? In my opinion, this kind of people aren't arbitrary and don't worry about the imputed. If irresponsible teenagers carry out the courts they may be a disaster.
In conclusion, the teenagers which want to participate in a court have to be trained by professional and vocational people.

Toni Párraga

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, teen courts aren't a good idea because it is a huge responsibility for a teenager. There are some teenagers who will be able to do it well, but the majority of them won't. The decision of a court is very important and maybe some teen courts won't chose a good decision for their immaturity
Òscar Montes

Anonymous said...

When kids break the law they have to be punished but they also have to be helped so they can avoid a crime live. Nowadays the solution is involve teenagers to be judges and lawyers in their own court.
In my opinion I think that it would be a good idea because they would be able to relate to what kids do nowadays and would be more understanding towards the child who committed the crime. Adults don't understand children as well as their age do. Moreover they will learn that when you have committed a crime you will get punished and it might help prevent teens committing crimes.
In conclusion, from my point of view, introducing this system will be a great advance in our society, may be the crime index will be reduced in a near future.

Alejandro Parra

Anonymous said...

Of course it could be a great oportunity to get rid of those rebel teenagers but I think that embarrassment is not as efective as the fear of being punishede in a several way by a real court.

Xavi López

Anonymous said...

Well, I think that it's a good idea but also it's a bad idea. This idea or this action may cause some teens are not ready for important decisions. But It can do good results with the teen courts.

Aitor Mateu

Miguel Castro said...

I think that teen courts can work but first, you need to watch if this teens known what they are doing and why they are doing it because, if they are only there to make friends and laugh it is a waste of time and money just to make teenagers happy. In Spain or Catalonia teen courts are stupid because people would not take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, teen courts are not a good idea. Although some teenagers could work very well, it's a job with a big responsability and we aren't so mature to work in this places. I think that in this job, only the adults who have studies and know how they have to do, can work. Maybe, in the future, the people change their mind and will be able a good idea, but now a days, I think that teen courts is not a good idea.

Samuel Moliner

Anonymous said...

In mi opinion, teens don't have the mentality and enough experience yet to decide for a person. But, it's a good idea for the teens to learn and do many proofs to mature for the future. Also is embarrassment and a huge responsibility for teens.

Josep López

Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think that a teen court is really bad idea because they have to decide what it's correct and what it's not and that's a huge responsibility for a teenager.
Some of them are quite mature to take correct decisions but if some of them are not and this is awful.
Moisés perez

Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think that the creation of teen courts is a big advance in our society because we have the oportunity to show every teennagers that because they have an age they are legally able to receives the same punishment as an adult in certain cases . The only problem is when they have a case in which are involved friends or familiars with the same age that theys. I don't like to be part of a teen court, firts because I prefer Chemestry than other carrer concernigns judicial process.
Alex Torres

Anonymous said...

I think that Teen Courts could be a good idea because the people who understand and interpret better the teenagers, are themselves. And it could be a good idea to be judged by people who they would never commit a crime, but similar to you.
On the other hand, I think that teenagers aren't prepared as much as they sould be. Because they are too young to judge. These kind of decisions only should be made by responsible people or people who have a lot of experience judging.

Sergi Martín

Marc Rebollar said...

I think that teen courts can be a good idea, because they can appreciate how at the other people affect their actions from another point of view and avoid do this actions in a future, but on the other hand they can be unfair and fail in their decisions how a court.
I thick that I can form part of a teen courts one or two days, because it can be a good experience, but do it many days can be tired and bored.

Marc Rebollar

Anonymous said...

I think that teen courts aren't a good idea and they wouldn't work in Spain.The teenagers who have commited any crime are judged by their peers but many of their decisions aren't objective. Personally, teenagers who take part in a teen jury must be prepared to act as judge. It's a huge responsability because the members of the jury have the young defendants' future in their hands and not everyone is trained for this task. I couldn't be part of a teen jury because i'm not who to consider someone guilty or not.

Andrea Comendador

Marta Costa said...

In my opinion teen courts can be a good idea. On the one hand I think that this courts can help other teens because they understand better them, but in the other hand I think thaht the teens aren't objective and they wouldn't be righteous.

Anonymous said...

I think that teen courts could work fine in Spain if teens who attend are serious and coherent, saying things with meaning.
One of the reasons why these teen courts are not done in Spain is because adult people don't trust that teens can resolve conflicts fairly and truthful. So if we changed teens behavior in this area, teen courts could work in Spain.

Aarón Gutiérrez

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the courts of teenagers are a good idea , because it is true that teens understand the problems of other teenagers, but it is also true that adults understand perfectly teens, because they have been a teenager in a part of their lives. I think that the people people who are in a court should be aware of the situation they are talking about. I think that if a teenager was prepared to form part in a court it wouldn't be a problem. I think that i couldn't form part of a court because i would be impartial.
Viena Massallé