Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Read this article and then write a comment with your opinion on this topic. Why do young tourists do crazy and stupid things when they are abroad? Any suggestions to prevent it?


Anonymous said...

Sara González Gómez:

The tourist are different when go to abroad. First, because they probably are holidays. People can happy and only want party. Sometimes many things that the tourist do are crazy or stupid, but more because the people is young.

We think that the other cities or countries have a other rules and that we are better.

Actually, usually the tourist have problems with the police or society and now continued doing the same things.

I am sure that all tourist are same, your country isn't important.

Anonymous said...

Miguel Castro

Tourist are different when they go abroad. Maybe they think that they are much funnier in front of another people if they jump to the swimming pool. Perhaps they are drunk and they do stupid things only for the effect of the alcohol or some drugs like weed.

I think that it's impossible to prevent it because Spain needs this tourist because they spend a lot of money in hotels and bars and this is money for the State. But in fact, State can put rulers for that kind of tourists like fines.

Anonymous said...

I think it is because young people who come here, usually come without their parents, only with friends and they start to do things for having fun. But this things are dangerous but they don't care about it until something happens. A good way to prevent this is to awareness young people about where they are and what they can do and if this don't work, maybe they should travel with adults or not travelling is a good option too.
Òscar Montes Recasens

Anonymous said...

I think that they do crazy and stupid things because they are in other country when they don't live. Then, if they do a crazy or stupid thing, the police can't go to their homes to explain it to their parents. Or maybe, they are drunk and they aren't aware what they are doing.
I don't know any suggestions to prevent it, but, a way that could function, would be that the young people had to pay an expensive fine. Then, they couldn't pay it and their parents could had to pay. Finally, their parents wouldn't let them to travel without them, and then, the young people wouldn't do crazy and stupid things.

Samuel Moliner

Anonymous said...

Aitor Mateu

I don't know because the young tourist do this. They've another mentality but they thimnk that it's funny and the have a good time until happen bad thinks.

I have a suggestion but it is not very easy. I would do is controlate a young turist better when they arrived in our country. We don't tolerate because they don't have limits.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, young tourist do this kind of things because they can't be controlled by his parents if their relatives aren't with them on abroad. They seize the chance to do what they want without thinking the consequences. Some countries allow this type of tourism in their territory. Many stupid things that young tourists did, are because they were under the drugs effects so they weren't aware what they did.

In this countries, they should have more control to avoid dangerous situations. For exemple, young tourists who doesn't behave well they ought to pay a expensive fine. Their parents should know what happened with their children too.

Andrea Comendador

Anonymous said...

Young tourists do crazy things because they are in another country. And they thknk that what teenagers do when they are abroad doesn't matter in their countries.
These kind of stupid activities can be very dangerous, and sometimes teenegers die. One of the most dangerous stupid thing is an activity called "balconing". It consists of jumping out of the window to a swimming pool. Some young people had died during ghis last summer.

To prevent this kind of activities, the police should fine the teenagers who are drunk. The police should overlook more during the night because young people make a lot of noise and it annoys the neighborhood.

Sergi Martín

MoisesWick said...

The tourists do this kind of things because most of them go to parties and then they get drunk so by this reason they start to do those awful things such as balconing. But the worst thing is most of them do it again and again.. Moises perez wic

Anonymous said...

I think that there are many factors that can influence it.
The first, is that tourists are young, they want to live, to experience a lot adventures and make good memories.
The second is that they are far away from his house, from his parents, from any kind of supervision that they have back on their country. They feel that they can do anything and it won't matter and won't have any consequences.
And the third, is the image that the country has. For example, they see Spain as the country of parties, not serious at all.
So, if we want to change that, we need to change the way they think of Spain, and the thought that they can do whatever without bad consequences.
Also, we could improve the security of hotels to prevent accidents and unnecessary deaths.

Alba Cañas

Anonymous said...

Toni Párraga

Young tourists think they can do whatever they want because no one penalise them. As they are abroad they think they don't have to obey or follow the rules. They just want to have fun while they are abroad and they don't worry about nothing. I think people like them shouldn't travel abroad.

Anonymous said...

Alex Torres Santisteban
In my opinion young tourist do a lot of crazy thing because first they are waiting a big time for spend their holidyas with their friends, and second because they are away from home and don't have anny any control of their parents.
I think is good make crazy things provided that hey don't risk their lives or making damage to the public property of another country, Im young and I do stupids things in determined moments but with limits.
To prevent that would be good make a place with security and entertainment areas to receive this tourists.

Anonymous said...

When young people leave their country only want to have fun. Often, they take drugs and aren't aware of what they do. They are driven by their friends and not think about the consequences. They want to be the bravest and experience strong emotions, but do not consider that they might die trying.

Laura Casado

Anonymous said...

Young tourists usually do crazy things when they are abroad because they think that not staying in their own country gives them the right to do whatever they want without caring and neither respecting the city nor the citizens who live there.

It's impossible to prevent this things from happening but if they had to pay huge fines every time they do something crazy, it could reduce the number of people drunk on the street and, more important, the number of deaths.

Jordi Orihuela

Anonymous said...

Young tourists do crazy things when
they are abroad because they are in another country and they're usually come without their parents. They come with friends and they want to have fun. Probably they're drunk and they aren't aware what they are doing, but it's clear that they do whatever they want without caring or respecting the citizens.

It's impossible to prevent this things, because Spain needs this tourists. If they had to pay huge fines for every crazy thing that they did probably the number of deaths and disturbances would be so much reduced.

Campos Escalera, David

Marta Costa said...

I think that this tourists come Spain with the intention of freak out. They think that as it isn't his country they can do what they want and in the night they drink a lot and they get into trouble.
My suggestion is that put them a fine.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that young tourists do crazy and stupid things because some teenagers go to other countries to do parties, not to visit them. They live the holidays like a long party, so they aren't polite.
I think that we can prevent that if we can make aware young tourists that what they are really doing, they can seem very stupid sometimes.
Marta Muñoz

Anonymous said...

Xavi López

In my opinion everything starts with something funny and unharmful. Youngsters,in the research of having fun always want to be more than the one who has done the pitty joke, and as we have observed when the level of the amusment increases so does the danger, and this cycle only ends with someone's death.
There's no way to solve it... As Albert Einstein used to say: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Anonymous said...

Young tourists do crazy and stupid things because they are in foreign country free of parents and they stay with other friends. Most of them drink so much and after, they have problems, and don't know what are doing. The solution to prevent, is be more restrictive to this young tourists.
Josep López

Anonymous said...

I think that they do stupid things because they can't be controlled by the people they know. Another problem is that they use to drink a lot and they lose control. This loss of control makes them do stupid things like balconing. In my opinion tourists
who behave badly should be sent to their country and punished.

Alejandro Parra

Joe Calvete said...

Be young and be abroad it's not a good cocktail. You know, when you're young you just do crazy things to have fun and to enjoy it till the end, so you won't be able to do it when you're older. And it's the same when you're abroad. It's not your country, your habitual staying and you feel the freedom in every step you make so.. you can imagine which stuff are you willing to do.
I mean, in my opinion they just want to have fun, but in some cases, they don't know where is the limit of the situation. We can't prevent “craziness” at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I think that this people, is drunk, and they do stupid things, with the intention to seem cool, but if you are with people who don't like to drink or do stupid things, you will be doing a big pity. They do this things because they think that to have a good time, you need to drink, but really, you needn't. And sometimes, they take profit that they are on Holidays, to do this things in a foreign country. In my opinion, the tourists should think about his life.

Miquel Parra

Alexandra Gabriela said...

It's somehow interesting: all of us totally change when we go abroad. If we are young and we travel without parents, we feel like nothing can stop us now. We start drinking, laughing, and having fun with our friends until we found ourselves doing some stupid things, and we don't really know how we even got there.
There's nothing we can do beside trying to change ourselves, trying to understand that holidays are made for having fun, not for doing crazy stuff that could put in danger our lives or some other people's life.
Altough, this crazy tourists help the economy, and spend a big amount of money every year in order to have fun in their own way, putting in danger their lives.

Alexandra Ragalie Gabriela