Thursday, 6 March 2014


What similarities and differences do you find between Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnestoltes in Catalonia? Write a short paragraph comparing both celebrations. Use the vocabulary we have covered in class.


José Puertas Rubio said...

Mardi Gras and “Carnestoltes” are two events where the people wear costumes, hats, strange masks and ride on a float with other people for dance and join the party. The floats leave to the streets since many days.
King's cake is a popular cake in New Orleans for his present inside the cake, and this is made with sweet bread. In Catalonia, we made a cake in a shape of fish; Sardine because this cake indicate the end of “Carnestoltes” and introduce another period; “Quaresma”.
In Catalonia the music is different than the music of New Orleans, because is not very important and nothing else there are trumpets and drums.

By José Puertas Rubio, 3er ESO "C"

Joan González said...


People wear masks and costumes in Catalonia and in New Orleans. Also people go on parades and dance to the music, these are the similarities. In Catalonia people go to parties in costumes. There is a special character called “Carnestoltes”. He gives intructions to the kids. In Catalonia, people don't go on floats. In New Orleans, people throw necklaces to the people when they are on the floats. In New Orleans people make king's cakes and they put a baby Christ inside. The person that finds the baby do the party in his house.

By Joan González, 3r ESO C

Anna Cabane said...
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Anna Cabane said...

Mardi Gras and Carnestoltes are similar in some facts, in both people wear colouredl costumes, masks and strange make ups. People want to have fun and enjoy this amazing party.
Mardi Gras starts later than Carnestoltes and in New Orleans the music is one of the most important things for the party, but in Catalonia the music it's not so important, it's just another fact of the party.
In Catalonia we don't a special food for this celebration like in New Orleans, the have a special cake that it's important as music and costumes.

by ANNA CABANÉ 3r eso C

Rosana Contreras Pérez 3r,ESO B said...

In Mardi Gras go much of people, the costumes and the floats are more big and beautiful. The carnival in Terrassa are 3 or 4 days. The schools make a floats with a theme each one, many people will not so much as in Mardi Gras.