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Do you want to be scared to death in your English Class? Watch The Woman in Black, a spine-chilling British ghost story to celebrate Halloween with older students. The film has all the ingredients to get easily scared: an eerie house in the middle of a marsh, a young lawyer trying to discover terrible secrets, a lot of children in danger and the scariest ghost ever: the woman in black.
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Attention: don't watch it alone. Beware of the Woman in Black.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's a horrible film. I hate the Woman in Black. It's a very boring film, with minor shocks and without any tension. Today we don't make good horror films like "The Sixth Sense" or "The Others". It's better than gore, but it's very boring and tedious. That's all.

David Campos Escalera 1r Bat Tec

Martí Soler said...

I think that The Woman in Black is a good movie. It achieves to make an atmosphere that makes you feel quite tense during the film. It's, at least, a common horror movie. I mean, I didn't find nothing special in it. To others, I don't personally like horror movies, because what I like from a movie is the plot, and most of the horror film's plots are all bad. But I understand people like to be scared, so I won't say that they're bad movies. It was actually a perfect movie to see on Halloween.

Laura Casado said...

I like The Woman In black because I think that it's a very good movie and I like the horror fils, especially the psycological horror. I was in tension during the entire film (although I had already seen this movie two years ago). Although I like psychological horror, I like gore too and I missed some blood. The parts that I liked the most have been those in which Te Woman In Black was pronounced. Overall, I think it's a good movie and I liked it.

Alba Mª Cañas said...

I don't like horror films, so I don't like Woman in Black either. I'm a very fearful person. I'm the kind of person who after watch an horror film can't sleep well for a week and who shout for everything that happens in the film.
I only watched the first half of the movie and when the scariest part started I just put my jacket on my head, covering my eyes, and I didn't see anymore. I just heard my classmates' shouts and I was happy for don't see anything.
When I finally get off my head from the jacket, was the end of the movie.
It seems that everybody was dead and I don't know how it happened, but I don't care. I prefer sleep on the night.

Anonymous said...

Sara González

I saw this film the past week. This film is horror film, but I wasn't scared about nothing.
The music I liked because help for mystery situation. The film have many good aspects, but you when watching the film at moments you sometimes know the end.

I liked see this film in the cinema with my friends but I would see the film in a dark place and I only.

Agustina said...

Agustina Orsi
I think that "The woman in black" film is a magnifical horror story. I stayed tense in all film, because I was waiting to see the woman ghost's. The died childrens were terrifical, they appeared in the manor's house door, and that scared me. The end is very shocked, because I thinked that tey were alive... I started to clap until I saw that they were died... There was horrible!!! But... it's a nice end inside the dark moment. I love this films, they are very exciting.

Miguel Castro said...

I think that was a great film because I was afraid in many times but I don’t like the final scene because I hoped that Woman in Black died and Arthur Keeps and his son returns to London. The film was great and I enjoy it. I prefer laughing films but this was fantastic.

Marta Muñoz said...

I think that “The Woman in black” is a good horror film. I don’t like horror films because I hate the psychological horror, so I haven't watched so many horror films in my life. But I watched this film the day before to prepare myself. I think that it’s a good story with a very good argument. In the cinema I shouted a lot and I was in tension all the film. I love the ending, it was very exciting, tragical but nice.

Anonymous said...

I've liked this film. It's very interesting. I laughed a lot, but it's an horror film. I'm very stran... Therefor, I enjoyed with this film with screams from the people who were in the cinema :P In the end, when the woman in black had to go to the room where Arthur was (because he was waiting for her), I was very afraid of her. Actually, I couldn't listen the film and I covered my ears. Finally, I have to say that I've liked it and I've enjoyed a lot.
Samuel Moliner

Anonymous said...

I think the film was very creepy because of the ghostly atmosphere they generate with the different horror situations; for example with the uninhabited old manor in the outskirts of the town next to the thick marsh, the perfect place for an horror film.
But I also have to say in many scenes of the movie the main character is involved in unreal situations that in the real life won't be true; for example when he tried to reach de boy's death body from the marsh. It's imposible to believe someone could do that.

Xavi López

Anonymous said...

I think that it's a good film. I mean, I love watching horror films and this one is a little bit mediocre. Yes, there were horror parts and tension in some other parts of the movie, but you can't compare them with all the other great films that I saw. They explained you the story in more than 1 hour, without any scary part, and then, in the last ten minutes, they included all the scary parts. I think that a good horror film has to star being scary from the beggining.
Some times I got bored, and other times I laughed because there were absurd parts, like that one when he puts his hand on the window and he sees the woman, a normal person doesn't do this, a normal person would started running.
But, at the end I was more scared of everybody else's shouts than of the movie. Anyway, I would go again to the cinema to watch it, so I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I think that "The Woman in Black" is a good example of horror films and a fantastic choice to watch it on Halloween's Day. I don't like this kind of films because I don't enjoy with these films. I prefer watching comedy or drama movies where there is an argument developed. Although I hate the psychological horror doesn't mean that I can't recognise the good work done in this film. All of details were care and created an atmosphere of tension. Finally I was afraid of many scenes that happened in the manor and the end also was unexpected but exciting.

Andrea Comendador

Jordi Orihuela said...

The Woman in Black is just another horror movie. The plot is correct (considering that's a horror movie), Daniel Raddcliffe is only a face used to advertise one of his worst performances, there are some shocks during the film that are great but too much predictable. The part that dissapointed me more was the end, it's not a bad end, it's a terrible one. Nevertheless, it was a good movie to see with the school on Halloween.

Joe Calvete said...

I had already watched the film before, so I'll talk about the first time that I watched it.

Is the film with the most tension that I've watched till the moment. I don't know if there are other films with more tension, because I don't use to watch this genre, but this was an exception.

There are a lot of scares, a silly scares as a bird, or noisy things in easy moments. That it really fears you and makes you scream or jump. So... It was good, I mean, a good horror film.

You are meanwhile all the story in tension and waiting the scares to scream.
Yes, it ends being funny with a lot of people watching the film with you.

Anonymous said...

Viena Massallé:
i didn't liked the film, because I hate horror films. I stayed in tension all the time and I scream a lot. I didin't liked the end of the film, because I thought that the film will end fine, but in wasn't as I thought.
The special efects were googd, but when Arthur found the daughter of the woman in black, it wasn't real, because the woman in black where descomposated and the boy didn't where in descomposition.

Anonymous said...

Alejandro Parra

"Woman in Black" was set in 2012 UK, and although the budget wasn't particularly extravagant, the film had very powerful images and seemed totally authentic. For example, the costumes looked just like what people could have worn. Most of the actors played their parts extremely well, and Daniel Radcliffe gave a truly performance. In my opinion the film was not enough scary. Therefore the plot was a little predictable. In conclusion, I enjoy the film.

Anonymous said...

My opinion about The woman in black is very cool because I like this type of films. The horror I love it and in the middle of the film I was in tension. I enjoyed with The woman in black because it has scared moments and it was creepy because the film's atmosphere generates a different fear but I didn't like the end of the film, I don't expected it. The protagonist of this film can't die at the end. It is an unexpected ending. It has been a great experience watching a scary movie with all school.
Aitor Mateu

Josep López said...

The woman in black is a horror movie that leaves you in suspense until the end. I think it's a great film, because it has scenes of horror and scenes of intrigue and fear.
Although it must be said that some scenes aren't very credible. The combination of the place where they pass the facts, the story and the protagonist is very good. I didn't expect that kind of end in the film.
Honestly I don't like this kind of films.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion this film is amazing because is a horror film. For me, horror films are the best of cinema.
I think it's not the horror film has given me because it is a tension film. In conclusion is a very good film, with good reviews and fear.

Christian Alvarez :)

Pol Miranda said...

I think that The Woman in Black is a horrible film. I don't like horror films so I haven't seen many scary movies but this is a very bad one. The plot is like the others horror film, there are a haunted house and then strange things happen. But it's a good movie to see on Halloween or in a rainy day.

Anonymous said...

Henry Melendez said...
I think that the film was boring. But what made me laugh was when they killed the son and the father, there are better movies, also depend on the tastes and my I like it bloody. Well the argument a bit boring, and the end had its fun moment until the nuisance with the end that all come together again as a family, I laughed more seeing the scared of my friends.

11 November 2013 22:30

Anonymous said...

I hate horror films, so I didn't like to see "Woman in Black". I think that's a good horror film, but I don't like horror films. If I see a film, i think that's it's to be enjoyed, never to be scared, but the plot was great, I enjoyed seeing how he saved his son, when the train is arriving. So, I enjoyed someother parts, but I was a little bit scared too, it was nice but I prefer to see an action film. Hunger Games was nice.

Miquel Parra 1 Batx Tecnològic

Anonymous said...

Moises Perez 

I didn't like The Woman in Black at all. I think that the horror films of nowadays are boring and the atmosphere is awful and the effects, yes are good but it could be better because sometimes these effects aren't credible.
Also I think that the old horror films are so much better, for example for me the best horror film of the story is "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" which is a film where are less effects but in this one are credible and better...
This my opinion of the Woman in Black.