Monday, 16 September 2013



Jordi Orihuela said...

Our choice is:
To study in an English-speaking country.
To understand the computer software.
To understand my favourite songs.

The comment was written by Pol Miranda, Moises Perez, Sergi Martin and Jordi Orihuela.

Anonymous said...

This comment is written by Aitor, Marc, Henry and Aaron.
Our reasons for learning English are:

1. It's part of the curriculum
2. To read English books
3. To surf the Net

Anonymous said...

It's part of the currículum

To travel the other countries

To chat with friends

By:Christian ALvarez

Anonymous said...

Our choice is:
1· It's part of the curriculum.
5· To read english books.
8· To travel to other countries.

The comment was written by Joel Calvete, Lorena Padilla and Samuel Moliner.

Anonymous said...

We think that learning English is one of the most important things that you have to do in your life. It has many advantages. For example, you can watch your favourite movie in the original version, and most of them are in English. It's more interesting to listen the real voice of the character.
If you have learned English before, you can speak with foreigners, and make some new interesting friends.
And if this reasons are not enough, you can always learn English for a personal achievement.
Irene Collado
Alba Cañas
Alexandra Ragalie

Anonymous said...

4.-To get a well-paid job
5.-To read English books
8.-To travel to other countries

Sara and Òscar

Anonymous said...

Josep López, Pol Galea and Miquel Parra think that we need to learn english to: Find a good Job abroad, to find a well paid-job and for surf the Net, these are our opinions about why we need learn english.

Anonymous said...

We think that the strongest reasons why we must study English are to find a job abroad, to surf the Net and to travel to another countries.
Miguel, Sara and Martí.

David Llamas said...

Learning English is very important for day to day. It serves to find information about the international press, playing video games without dubbing, talk to friends of other nationalities, find work and many other things.

The comment was written by David Llamas, Victor Luna and David Campos.

TONIKI said...

Toni Párraga & Alejandro Parra:
- To find job abroad: most of the well-paid jobs use to be abroad, and this is for this reason that we have to study hard English.
- To understand our favourite songs: learning English trough songs we have the chance to understand it.
- Travel the other countries: nowadays, the world is connected and the most useful language is English.

Anonymous said...

Our reasons to learn English are:
To read English books because most of them only are published in this language and also is a good chance to learn and understand others cultural thinkings.
To travel to other countries, where English is the way to talk with the people of those places.
To find job abroad because is the way to speak in almost all the countries and most of specific vocabulary is in original version, in English.
This comment was written by Marta Muñoz,Marta Costa Danae Moreno and Andrea Comendador.