Monday, 22 October 2012


We've recently been shocked by Amanda Todd's terrifying story. She was bullied, insulted, punched and harrassed at school and on the web. She told her painful experience in a Youtube Video, where she opened her heart in the need of someone. She was alone. And she finally took her life as she couldn't put up with so much anxiety. We all have to learn from Amanda's story: as students to denounce and report bullies around us. As parents, listening to our kids and helping them in their everyday problems. And as teachers, making our students read, think, reflect and take action: they can make a difference with a single tweet, with a single post on their facebook walls, or just with a single word of comfort to the new kid in class or to the weirdo girl whom nobody talks to at breaktime. Who knows, perhaps it could have made a difference in Amanda's life. #STOPBULLYINGNOW #RIPAmandaTodd

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