Monday, 12 September 2011


Dear 3ESO students,
I'm really happy to be back at school and have you as my pupils. I hope we have a great year together and your English improves as a result. Little by little you're going to get used to our English class routines, so don't worry and ask me if you need help.
I'm an active and happy person who enjoys cinema, cooking and celtic music. I'll show you some of my hobbies in our future lessons.
Last August I spent a few days in Asturias with my family. We love Asturias! It's a wonderful place, with wonderful landscapes and really friendly people. Oviedo, its capital, is an awesome and exciting city. You must visit it.
One night in August we visited Lastres, which is a famous village in Asturias. Do you know why it is famous? It's popular because it appears in a famous TV series in Antena3, Doctor Mateo. Have you ever seen it? Do you recognize the photograph?
Well, that's all for now.
Tell me a bit about yourselves, so that I can get to know you! Write your post below, and remember to write your name and course.
See you!

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