Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Write individually OR record in pairs a dialogue between you and a tourist visiting MENORCA or a Spanish city you know well. Be creative and interesting.
Write your dialogue on a comment or send your teacher the audio file
(Length: text 150 words/ audio 2 minutes)


CAUTAR said...


Hello Maria!

Hello Juliet! How are you?

I'm fine thanks, and you?

I'm very good! very happy because I'm in a travel, a very interesting travel!

Seriously? That's very well, and where you are traveling?

I'm in Granada

Granada? Where is that?

You don't know were is Granada? Granada is a very beautiful Spanish city, is located at the center of the region Vega de Granada.

Aaaaah! Okay okay

How long you are staying?

I will stay only a week, although I would love more time... But I work, and I don't have more time

And for the moment, which is the site that you liked to Granada?

The Alhambra is the best place in Granada, long ago it was declared a World Heritage Site and is undoubtedly the most emblematic monument of the city. It was founded by Nazari Muhammad I, and is also one of the most visited monuments in Spain. I like so much.

What do you most impressed with the Alhambra?

What impressed me most, and I also liked was her decor... is perfect.

Yes, I also like this, is very very beautiful.

Then, I hope you have great time, and enjoy the little that is left of the trip.

Thank you pretty! I'll buy you a present.

I'll call you next week, okay?

Okay, goodbye!

Anonymous said...

Esteban Casaleiro

Tourist: Hello, where are you from?

Me: I am from Barcelona.

Tourist: Do you speak English?

Me: Yes, a little.

Tourist: Could you tell me, where the Guggenheim museum is?

Me: Yes, I'm going over there now, do you want me to accompany you?

Tourist: Yes, thank you, your are very kind.

Me: Where are you from?

Tourist: I am from Norway.

Me: What are you doing here?

Tourist: I'm here to visit Spain, and this week I'm in Bilbao.

Me: This city is very beautiful. I recommend you visit the fair and the beaches and the port. There are many things to see here.

Tourist: Thank you very much for the information.

Me: Well, we have arrived.

Tourist: Thank you for your help.

Me: You're welcome, it was nice meeting you.

Tourist: And you also.

Daniel Torralba said...


-Hi, can you hel me?
-Yes, of course. What do you want?
-I’m Dani. I’m a tourist of Barcelona and I need help to do my touristic trip in Menorca.
-Oh, yes. I can help you. What interests you most, the culture of the island or the tourist sites?
-I like everything, but I prefer visit the landmarks of Menorca.
-Well, you can visit the cliff of damned, which give the prisoners that were in the island during somewars in Spain, were thrown into the rock sea. The history is amazin and the views of sunset are really beautiful.
-And the other days, can you give me another advice?
-There are few landmarks in Menorca, but you can visit a rural town, El Moral, where there are many interesting architectural sites and where you can see our cultureand taste our cuisine.
-Ok, your advice are really good. Thank you so much.
-You’re welcome. If you can go to the cliff of damned you have to catch this bus. Goodbye.