Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Think about this image and write a paragraph in the comments box dicussing the ideas in the questions:
Why is appearance so important in our society?
Do you think being attractive is necessary nowadays?
Would you get plastic surgery if you had the money to do it?
What things need to change in your opinion?


Anonymous said...

I think that the picture today is very important.
I think that to be attractive, depends for what things is very important.
If I had money, I possibly would operate.

Sílvia Monroig.
1r Batx. Científic.

Sandra Solvas said...

In today's world, the appearance is very important. The appearance is the first impression of a person, although you can be wrong. Have a good look you can open many doors for the future, but only a small part, have a good appearance isn't the most important. Also, depending on your character, have a good appearance makes you feel more secure about yourself.

I don't know if I would ever plastic surgery, but only if you really need to feel much better for myself. Also good to think that there are risks in plastic surgery, and assess whether we really want this change. In my opinion, surgery should only be used to improve the patient's life.

carlos ramirez said...

Physical appearance is important now in our society, do you know the expression: The first impression is really important.
Well this expression is true, I'm not completely agree with this idea but it doesn't mean that I won't be affected by this idea during my live.
With your physical appearance you let people to see a part of you, but a lot of times looks can be deceiving and some people takes advantage of this.
I'm actually happy with my appearance but, I'm sure I will never take surgery by these reason, it's so stupid. Everyone should accept him self.

Helena Cabeza said...

In my opinion, appearance is not very important, well, it is, but it's not the most important thing.
It is important, because people things something about you depending of you appearance, but only those who are very superficial, base their opinions on the appearance.
I know, that being good looking opens you some doors, but in my opinion, being intelligent gives you more oportunities than you could have ever thought.
Being atractive is necessari, but not essential, each one, has his liking, but is obbiusly that everyone bases their first opinion of people depending of the appearance and atractive, but the following opinions are based on personality.
I don't think that in a future I will get surgery, but I won't say no, because, one never knows what will happen in the future.
In my opinion the only thing that needs to change, is the society based on the idea of being a supermodel. This is absurd, because no one can be 90, 60, 90, and getting older is part of the life, every skin is going to becom ugly, and all of us are going to die, so I think, I'ts more important to enjoy the life, and not caring about years.

abg3 said...

Thanks for sharing your comments. Your ideas are quite reasonable.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The appearance is very important in the actual society. If we are sincere, we like something seeing it before. For example, if you are looking for a job you will be hired if you have a good image because your image says a lot of your person. Also, in the life you should go with a good image. In love's themes, the appearance is very important but in this theme it shouldn't be very important because we shouldn't worry about the appearance of our partner because the most important is the character of him/her.

Alex Izquierdo said...

In my opinion, the apareance is very important in the actual society, because though you have had a good personality, the people, to a first glipmse, they see your appareance. For example, to a some jobs you need have a good apareance to join in, for example in a shop, the shop assistent should have a good appareance to like the buyer, or also, to be a professional model.

I don't disagree with the plastic surgery, but I know that I never do a operation of this type. In conclusion, the appareance is very important in the society, thought this don't should be of this way because the people should judge the persons for this way of think.

CAUTAR! said...

For me, the appearance and good looks is not important, but for this absurd and superficial society itself.
Over time, people have been forgetting what really important in this life, be intelligent, and has been centering on appearance and in the physical aspect of the people,
this is one of the biggest mistakes that are in this society, and that you should never judge a person by their appearance, as it can be very beautiful but stupid, or ugly but intelligent.
Life goes on, and with it the time and we all get old and die ... I do not understand why there are people who at this stage of life doesn't not understand and spend your money on plastic surgery, when they could spend on more productive things for the world, or simply to the person. I hope that someday society change a little, people think a little more, and use his head a little and not get carried away by silly as this.

Anonymous said...

I think that this operations are very bad for human body. Because "botox" is some part of a dangerous bactery. And I think people who uses botox don't know the consequences. Some people that have botox in their face or their lips, seems a robot. Because when they speak, they can't to move their face, and they haven't got expression in their face.

But if you are a doctor who have studied for that operations, you can win a lot of money, because botox or silicon is very expensive in this world.

Ivan Smirnov
1st Batx Scienthyfic.

Natàlia. Expósito. Martínez 1rst Científic said...

The appearance... The most people give very important to appearance. The celebrities need a good apperence, but they live about this. About celebrities, the apperences this very important, but there are always exceptions. In my opinion, the appereance is very important, I need see me good. But I don't bealive the estetic operation do a best apperence. If you don't see good, don't worry, do exercice, put a make-up, a new clothes to highlight your figure... In my opinion the estetic operation isn't good If you don't need it. You has born so! You has grown and its expreciones are his life. There must not be operated If you didn't see okay. Just care you body is the best important thing that you feel and see good.

noelia lopez said...

In my opinion in today's society appearance is very important, because if you have a good character but not very good looks, forget the work that is not yours, and work with the public the first thing you ask is a good looks and good character.

I do not disagree or agree with the plastic surgery, but I can not say I never do a plastic surgery. In conclusion, the appearance is very important but I disagree but the company chooses.

Daniel Torralba said...

The appearance it's all in this society. The appearence condition the friendships and puts labels people. It difference the people in gropus. The appearance conditions and has destroyed the social world.
I never get a plastic surgery, because the people that do this are unsure of themselves and try to feel better by changing his appearance.
The people would learn to see inside of the person, see his "soul", see his personality and know who is this person, because the person it's inside of the shell that is the appearance.

Patricia Restoy 1rt Batx. said...

Today is very important the appearance in our society because this help a find a work, make a friends more fast but this it doesn't say that the people less atractive can't get, only that they have it easier. But the important is feel good with herself. If I had money I don't get plastic surgery because I don't like the artificial people. But is ourselves who impose the prototype de perfect women or man. I think that I everyone is as is and Everyone doesn't born perfect.,com said...

In today's world, the appearance is very important. When you know a new friend, will give an opinion as a suitable, if this person is bad, handsome or intelligent. All these reviews that'll by the naked eye. You can be your opinion then you are wrong, but that conclusion has been the principle is difficult to change.
Your appearance is decided when you were born, and you should not change. Be who you are! If you do not like your appearance, but you have to support.
Life is never perfect. What you can do is to face this reality and not change it.

Yunqian Hu

melisa said...

Today the appearance is really important, for everything, because people judges for you appearance and it helps to get a job, be more popular...

Actually people take care about they weight, if they are fat, if the have the hair good... I think that we are living a lie, because this things are not really important and many people have been victims of this society of appearance.

Obiously everyone want to be atractive, and they take care about their appearance but the problem appears when they are obsesed with this. There are many diseases related with the good appearance, like anorexia that could be very dangerous.

If I had enough money to have plastic surgery I wouldn't have, because I think that are diferents ways to get a good appearence and be happy with yourself.

bego said...

I think that nowadays, in our society, appearance is something pretty

I don't think that being attractive is something NECESSARY, but it's something
obvious that it helps you. It's always easier to a cute person get a job, or
being accepted by the society, because the first image of a person is the

I think that I wouldn't get a plastic surgery, because I consider that people is
not what his appearance can say about him/her. But I respect people who
need to get surgeries to be happier.

In my opinion, the part of the people that really matters is inside of us.

Judith Garcia said...

Today I believe that appearance is very important because it makes some things look like public works, ...
I am not in favor or against of the surgery, because everyone is free to do whatever he wants with his body, and before you have to like someone to like and feel good about yourself. But I also think that everyone is born with its benefits and its shortcomings, because no one is perfect.
For this reason, if I had money I would operate, because I think everyone is just as it is.

Judith Gacia Carmona