Friday, 7 November 2008


This activity is for my English students who have read "ABOUT A BOY" by Nick Hornby.
Read the following questions and post your ideas and opinions. There are three different forums, so feel free to check them all.


Daniel Fernández Muriana said...

Yes, I did. The book was very interesting and funny in some parts.
The part I enjoyed most was the part where Marcus and Ellie go to Cambridge.
Yes, I like the end because is a happy end. Marcus and Will grow up and their problems and dificult situations between Marcus and Fiona resolve.
Yes, a lot. The topics are the same that there are in the real life: dificult relationships, perenthood, bullying, suicide, etc.

Montse Có said...

I enjoyed it. I found it interesting because it's about real problems, like be bullied, depression, make relationships, etc.
I don't like one part because it remembered me Kurt Cobain's death.

Núria Martín said...

I enjoy the book because it treats real topics as the depression, the bulling in the school, the serious relations...
The part of the book that I have liked more is when Will goes to SPAT meeting and lies about his own life, looks like a very comical scene.
Yes, I love the end because it is a happy end. After the storm the calmness comes, it is what has happened with the lives of the protagonists.
They had have and awful life but they grow up and finally they are happy.

Javi said...

I found the book interesting and funny. I really enjoyed in the part of the death duck. I can't imagine their faces when they saw the duck.

But, when I read the end of the book, I found it like I imagined, because someone told me the end of the book before I read it.

Finally, in general I think the book is really interesting, because the topics of the sentiments and the relationships are topics that some people don't think about until they have it.

StrangeChik said...

I enjoy so much the book, sometimes the book seems to be in Catalan about how concentrated I was reading! I enjoy so much the parts when Will and Marcus stay together, are really funny. I don't like so much the end, it's a " quick-end ", I think its realistic with the part of Fiona and Marcus problems, the less realistic part is Will's way of life.
But I enjoy so much =)

Antonio Garcia Amela said...

yes, i've enjoyed the book but is a little bit boring because the topics, in my opinion are boring.
The funniest scene is when the duck is murdered by the kid I think that's an original situation.
The end is a bit amrican topic, the kid is developing his mind and "he's normal now" it could be more original.
I said it before i think the topics are boring.

Idoya Aventín said...

In my opinion this book is very beautiful. I like this book, I like the topics, and I like the characters, especially unusual twelve-year-old boy, Marcus.
My favourite part of the book it’s the first day that Marcus go to Will’s home. It’s a very funny situation.
I like the end of the book, but I like more the end of the film, which I have in DVD.
I think this book is about real society problems. Because in this life exist drunk and drug addict people, children that suffer bullied…

Silvia said...

I enjoy the book because it narrates an original history that perfectly it can be real.
The part I enjoy most is the part when Will go to SPAT and invent his fictitious son, Ben, and he starts to say lies for the reason of his son is never with him.
I like the way ends the history because Will has a good friends and people who is his family, Marcus is a normal boy and Fiona is a happy mother.

soraya andrés said...

In my opinion this book is funny but I have read betters books than this.
The story is interesting and have funny parts. For example the part where the kid sings killing me softly, really badly along with Will.
All in all a good story with a fairly happy ending.
Marcus's problems were solved.

montenegro said...

Yes, it’s OK. According to Dani, I enjoyed more than others parts the trip to Cambridge. I though the book was finished another way, for example Will and Rachel end together. It’s a story which can happen in real life, of couse.

Iban Sierra said...

In my opinion, the book is entertaining and funny in some parts. The part I enjoyed most was the part where Marcus and Ellie go to Cambridge. The end of the book is a bit complicated because of what happened. And If I like the book's why Marcus and Will Freeman mature and have a progression throughout the book. The truth is that life has many complications and problems. But you can avoid problems in some way or another.

Jenni Sànchez said...
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Jenni Sànchez said...

I really liked the book because I love the love stories and this is different than other that I have read or seen in movies. I think that Will Freeman matured when he pass all the problems with the new people who he met.
Well, all the characters matured when they could think all the topics: Will Freeman and the relationships, Marcus and the bullying, Fiona and the suicide...

Ángel Muñoz Cano said...

In my opinion this book is very funny and interesting.

The part I enjoyed most was the part where Marcus killed a duck with a loaf of bread.

I like the end of the book because is a happy end.

I think this book is about real problems, because in the life exist bullies(Marcus problems) and depression problems(Fiona's problems.

montenegro said...

Will you stop doing your homework? I receive a message whenever you put a new post... :@ Only joking, not angry. xD Good luck and work hard!

Ariadna Ortega Belmonte said...

In my opinion this book is very funny, because it told about diferents topics as depression, the bulling in the school, the serious relations, singleparents...

Has been one of the few books in English that I have read to like me and I can read this book without the need to translate without a translator

The end of this book is very fun and exciting

( perdon por el retraso es que desde el viernes no me va el internet

Meritxell Tarres Gonzalez said...

About a boy is a book interesting and funny, but also it treats real topics as the bulling in the school of the hooligans who Marcus suffer.